Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time Flies

Saturday, August 14, 2010
170.5# Day 12 LE Coaching program

I'm now 12 days (?!) into the lean eating coaching program, and I am learning to turn over some control, a thing you all know does not come easy for me. The program, by design, is made to slowly change poor habits and build new, better habits. It doesn't shove us abruptly into a new game and expect us to follow all the rules. Since I am a "trial by fire" kind of girl, this is new for me, and since what I am right now isn't working, I decided to go with someone else's plan.

The coaches have not yet adjusted any of our dietary habits. So far we have simply added a specific, personally adjusted dose of fish oil to our diets. Nothing else. Strange, huh? All of us participants are sort of chomping at the bit to start these major dietary habits, but they are taking things slowly, one small step at a time. We are learning to sit back and take that small step at a time, letting it become second nature. Most of us are also trying to implement some of the PN nutrition at the same time on our own, though. As for myself, I am well satisfied with my nutritional choices over the last 2 weeks. This is the control I am more than ready to give up. Control of my workouts has been more difficult to relinquish.

To me, it seems there are too many awesome, fantabulous goals to have in terms of one's physical prowess. While they all sit in the back of my mind, three rose to the top as ones I wanted to accomplish ASAP: unassisted pull-up, full body weight pistol, 100 16kg snatches in under 5 minutes no matter when I picked up the bell. For months I have been gearing all of my workouts toward those goals, and to relinquish that almost prevented me from signing up for this program. Being a mainstream sort of program, the workouts are based on the mainstream. They are gym workouts using all the good compound movements. But they are GYM workouts. Nope. Unacceptable. I workout outside. I workout with kettlebells or sandbags or bodyweight. Period. can do those compound movements with kettlebells. So, while they do not recommend adjusting the workouts, I am. I am doing them with bells and bodyweight, and I'll add sandbags if I need to. I am not, however, going to a gym (except when I have to travel without the bells). This might very well disqualify me from the refund they guarantee if you follow the program 90% or better and don't get the results you want, but I'm willing to take that risk. These workouts so far have been long (60-75 min including my 100 snatch warm-up), but good. I guess sometimes shaking things up can be a good thing.
Some pics taken 8-1-2010 at a friend's wedding. They'll serve as "befores."
So far they want us to do these workouts at low weight to become accustomed to the movements and to figure out what weight to be using. For the last 2 weeks, we have been alternating lower body workouts with upper body workouts. The second week, we added what they call a "dynamic warm up." I start every workout with 100 16kg snatches. I follow that with one set of all the warm up exercises and 2 sets of all the workout exercises.

Lower Body Dynamic Warm-up

Partial Pistol (I added this one) 4/4
Band Stomp x 10/10
Walking Lunge with Warrior Stretch x 3/3
Alternating lateral squat x 4/4
Side-to-side Squat x 4/4
Band Squat with 5 second hold x3
Overhead Alternating Rear Lunge x 5/5
Overhead Alternating Forward Lunge x 5/5
Overhead Back and Forth Lunge x 3/3
Overhead Squat x 3

Lower Body Workout
--2 sets of 5 of each.
Goblet Squat w/9k
Front Squat w/12k x 2
Back Squat w/35# Bavarian Bag
Rear Lunge w/9k
Forward Lunge w/9k
Walking Lunge w/9k
Split Squat w/o weight
Lateral Squat w/o weight
Swing 16k x 2
Romanian Dead 16k x 2
Single leg Dead 12k x 2
Suitcase Dead 16k x 2
Conventional Dead 16k x 2

Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up
Overhead Band Pull-apart w/Black Band w/ 3 sec Squeeze x 5
Horizontal " " " x 5
1 Arm Band Shoulder Press x 5/5
1 Arm Band Shoulder Fly x 5/5
1 Arm Band Internal Rotation x 5/5
1 Arm Band External Rotation x 5/5
Side Lying External Rotation x 5/5
Side Lying Rear Delt Fly x 5/5
Scarecrow x 4
Push-up x 6
Scapular Push-up x 4
Pronated Reverse Push-up x 6
Supinated Reverse Push-up x 6
Pronated Reverse Push-up w/Scapular Retraction

Upper Body Workout
Chin-up (Black & Purple) 3 x 3
Pull-up (Black & Purple) 3 sets of 5
Neutral Pull-up with Black & Purple 3 sets of 5
Alternating Bent Row 12k x 2--2 sets of 5
Renegade Row 16k x 2--2 sets of 5
Suitcase Row 20kg
Renegade Row 16k x 2--2 sets of 5
Suitcase Row 20k--2 sets of 5
Push-up 3 sets of 6
Bench Press 35# Bavarian Bag--2 sets of 5
1 Arm Press 16k--2 sets of 5
Close Grip Push-up--2 sets of 3
Viking Push Press 16k--2 sets of 5/5
Double 12k Press--2 sets of 5