Monday, March 12, 2012

A Smattering Here and There

Headed back to Tennessee for a visit last week. It was a beautiful (albeit short) visit. The little ones love to play with my iPhone aps.Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0970.JPG Views: 0 Size: 364.4 KB ID: 44235

My 15-year-old niece, Mandy, the older girl in the strip at the bottom, gave me these. The power ranger was an assignment in her art class. She said when she drew it, it reminded her of me. So when she finished it, she wanted to give it to me. She said that the power ranger didn't turn out very well, so she wanted to give me a good one. Therefore, the other now sits beside the power ranger, matted, framed, and lovingly placed in my home. They make me smile. I smile even bigger because she thought a power ranger reminded her of me.Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0954.jpg Views: 0 Size: 677.2 KB ID: 44234Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0955.jpg Views: 0 Size: 744.0 KB ID: 44233Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0962.JPG Views: 0 Size: 320.1 KB ID: 44230

I got the chance to see my nephew, Sean, who in a few short months will be serving our country in the UK. He'll be there for three long years. Thank goodness for the internet. Too, thank goodness for transatlantic flights. I guess I'll be making my first trip across the pond in a year or so. Isn't he incredibly handsome? I don't think he'll have any issues attracting that red-haired lassie he so hopes to find while he's over there.Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0980.jpg Views: 0 Size: 102.7 KB ID: 44231

While I was gone, my hunny built my Valentine's Day present for me. Not until I got home and was talking about it with the folks at work did it occur to me how funny it was for a girl who has never been able to cross even one rung before to build 16 feet of rungs to cross. How wonderful that my hunny didn't question it even for a second and instead suggested that we add a whole obstacle course to the plans! I had mentioned the monkey bars a few months ago, but for Valentine's Day he announced that my present was a whole obstacle course--one piece at a time. I love that he loves my insanity.Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0953.JPG Views: 0 Size: 269.8 KB ID: 44229
The first time I tried them, I could only get one rung, but it was one rung further than I had every gotten before. By day 3, I made FIVE rungs! Here's a pic I had him take yesterday. Yes, I really need to pack my shoulders. Thank you for noticing.Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0987.jpg Views: 0 Size: 952.0 KB ID: 44232