Thursday, October 30, 2008

We also took the opportunity to see a play--something I very rarely
can get the hubby to do at home. This one wasn't fantastic but it was
great fun to do something a little different. And we did take
advantage of where it was playing & ate dinner nextdoor at Dragonfly,a
sushi joint that is one of our favorite places to eat.

I worked out early this morning in the cold. (Who would have thought
I'd come to Florida to workout in 30 degree weather?)
Tapering squat thrusts/16kg swings
16/15...and so on to
Better time this week.
Then I did 5 sets of 20sec sprints with about 45 sec of rest.
YESTERDAY I did the double 16 workout--see last week.

We went to see Max Payne today. It was fair overall but with great
cinematography. The best thing about the theater though was this can
for recycling bottles-how awesome is that?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So the police will come runnin'?

The hubby & I are on our way out of town for a little R&R. On our way
out we had to stop at the storage unit to get some dive gear. As we
pull through the gate, we notice that about 30% of the units' doors
are thrown up. Since it's 5 am, dark and there's no one around we
get a bit suspicious & call the police. Response time? 12 minutes--and
we were in town. When the officer does show up, he's an ass hole and
wants to know why we were suspicious in the first place. If you are
one of those folks who believe that citizens have no need to defend
themselves because we pay taxes for the police to rescue us, you might
want to rethink that. I thought this was a prime example.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Week In Retrospect

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Work 6p-8a--155#

This week, I have been a bit of a titty-baby pretty much all the way around. I was already feeling particularly unmotivated. Then the hubby decided to take a last minute trip to Vegas that I had to miss because of work. So I woke up Thursday wallowing in loneliness and self-pity and very, very tired. It was one of those afternoons when I just did not want to roll out of bed, and I fought it as long as I could. Then I had to just make myself get dressed and workout. Even the working out was a chore instead of being something I was enjoying, and though I was pushing a good sweat, I just wasn't in the groove--just wasn't able to get my head in the game and really go the extra mile. No matter how much I thought the next day would bring some more motivation, it never did, and that spilled over into my nutrition with poor choices as the feeling of defeat snuffed out any willpower I ever thought I had. Since returning from the RKC, I've just really felt a little lost. I've established some goals and a modicum of a plan for achieving those, but somehow I feel like the only kid on the merry-go-round, all alone on the playground. I've found myself saying, "Oh, what the hell! I've worked like a red-headed stepchild for over a damn year, and I'm still not at my goal weight/body comp. Why not eat the frikkin' _______ anyway?!" Even reading Tracy Rif's blog about how she is now a different person, unafraid of ever being the fat kid again, was frustrating for me. She lost a hundred f'in pounds in her year. WTF?! I can't even feel some vindication in knowing that my difficulties are from a hormone imbalance (since I don't have one). Yay, I'm not sick; I'm just an eternal lard ass (okay, I know this part is a fuzz melodramatic, but it's my rant). Superimposed on this woe-is-me attitude has been this penitent heart, aware that I just need to shut the "f" up and look around. Each day has become this bipolar haze of frustration coupled with some of Mr. Whitley's gratitude.

Shall we look at the bright side?...
Though the hubby has been gone, we have spoken and e-mailed frequently, often heartfelt words from which we have grown. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world (no slight to my good friends out there :) ).

Being a friend is easy when all you have to do is be on the receiving end of the goodwill and effort. Giving of one's own time, however, is a little more challenging, and some people never master that talent. I try desperately to master it, but my friends have it down pat. My cop buddy Todd took time out of his days off to grind some venison he had acquired for me then went the extra mile to make me some sausage and jerky. I got some tenderloin out of the deal, too. My other friend Jamie and his family did their part to stave of the loneliness this week, too, by driving in to town on his day off to buy me dinner. I didn't think to get a picture of that.
Here are some pics of my 14-year-old nephew's marching band competition today. He's a freshman at a high school who has just started the marching band this year. Believe it or not, that bottom pic is of the whole band. They came to the town where I live for the competition, and though he didn't care if his mom and dad were there, he called me at least a half dozen times to make sure I was coming. I was pretty tickled about this since he's only begun to enjoy my company in the last couple of years and has never asked me to come to one of his functions. He's the vertical speck to the right of the flags in the top pic and the speck in front of the first big drum in the bottom pic. He plays trombone.

As you can see, the weather has been beautiful. We had a day of soft, melodic rain earlier in the week, and the subsequent days have been the crisp, cool ones that make autumn some folks' favorite time of year. The trees are beginning to turn in answer, and that is always something to look forward to.

The pretty weather has pleased my elderly parents, too. Dad has spent much of the week piddling on the farm. This means two things. Not only has he felt well enough to get outside and stir around, but his spirits have been high. Of course, when one spouse is happy, the other is more likely to be, so Mom's been in a good mood, too. I can't even begin to put into words how thankful I am for every day that I can tell them I love them, and the days when they're feeling well are a bonus.
These things, however, are always the easy things for which to be grateful. For me, finding the positive internally is where I have difficulty. What better way to appreciate where I am than to look at where I've been. Almost exactly a year ago, the hubby and I were on vacation in New Mexico. In retrospect, it was one of the best vacations we've had, and we've had some great ones. This picture is from what was once Acme, New Mexico but is now a literal ghost town, nothing remains but the stone school house, its well house and the arches to mark the town. (See also the pic in the sidebar from October 5 of last year.)

Of course, we know the story behind this one... :) Just a little bit of a difference, huh?

To be complete, I think reviewing what I was capable of a year ago is even more important. What're aesthetics without function? We're all going to face the mirror, old and wrinkling one day (if we're lucky), but the key is to face it standing and strong as we prepare for our day's activities not looking into the hand mirror as our caretaker cleans our face.

While on vacation in New Mexico, this was the workout I was doing (I'm guessing at the weight because I don't have my workout journal with me). I would do a cardio two days a week and a strength 3 days a week:

Cardio A
3 minutes warm up ( jog, light snatches, etc.)
1:00 swings (12kg)
2:00 jog
6 rounds on days with strength workout, 8 rounds on cardio only days.
3 minutes recovery (walk, light jog)
Cardio B
Compression: snatch x 10/10 (12kg)v-up x 5 Burpee x10 As many rounds as possible in 15:00
Strength workout A
Double 12kg KB Complex:
4x8, :90 rest between. (I can remember thinking this might kill me.)
Split Squat--no weight.
Push up (I did it from the knees.)
Lying Hip Extension
Alternating Row
No rest between exercises
Strength workout B
Single KB Complex with the 12kg:
Snatch High pull C&P Squat Swing
4x :30 per drill, 2x per arm. :90 rest between
Plank on elbows 2x 1:00, 1:00 rest between
Circuit with the 12kg:
1 leg Hip extension
Military press
High pull
No rest between exercises
V-up 2x10, 1:00 between


I had initially intended this to be a 12kg snatch max VO2 workout, but again the damn 4th digit was not having it, so I did 12kg 2-handed swings in the same format for 40 sets/ 20 minutes. It was still a great workout. I was actually just proud to get a workout in since I had thought I would have to fore go it for the band competition. Turns out they started later than anticipated. I was really, really tempted to go back to bed for another 30 minutes when I found that out. Not doing so, actually boosted my spirits as much as the workout itself, giving my a sense that maybe I'll be back on track soon.


I skipped the 6 min starting flow drill b/c my right 4th finger wouldn't tolerate it. I was also running short of time because I lallygagged so long in bed.

4 rounds of Double 16kg...

C&P x 4

Squat x 4

KB Burpee x 4

Renegade Row x 4/4

Rest 1 min

I did the above in a flow drill the last time I did this, four drills through the exercises each round. Starting with the second round, I did 4 reps of each exercise before moving to the next exercise. I like that way better.

Then... double 16kg swings x 15 for four rounds.

I feel better already.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Work 6p-8a--155#

WORKOUT for time: The "burpees" are actually squat-thrusters.
20 Burpees/5 swings
18 burpees/10 swings
16 burpees/ 15 swings
14 burpees/20 swings
12 burpees/25 swings
10 burpees/30 swings
8 burpees/35 swings
6 burpees/40 swings
4 burpees/45 swings
2 burpees/50 swings

24' 40"--I was a little preoccupied during this workout, so this time will fall quite a bit next time I think.
All swings were 2-handed because that right 4th digit is still not diggin' it. Some better, though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good friends show a person how to be better, challenge a person to be better. It is a gift given one friend to another.

I have two nemeses: jumping and push-ups.

And I have a friend who knows this and pushes me to be better. Thus the bodyweight workout portion of today's workout.

5 rounds of the following for time:
Pullups with a green band and a purple band for assistance x 5
Box Jumps which were jumps over about an 18" soft obstacle since I don't have a sturdy box x 5
Push-ups--focusing on perfect form x 5
Assisted pistol 1/side (I actually almost did this without the assistance on the first round)
Hindu push-ups x 5 for the first two rounds then increased to 8
Alternating jumping lunges x 20

Today was feeling this out a bit, so this will be more seamless next time. Time: 24'36"

AMAP 16kg TGU in 15 min. Turns out today that was 18. I used my refillable bell which actually made it a little more difficult. The bell portion of it has a wider diameter and therefore requires more forearm to stabilize it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I updated the software on my iPhone last night and some how or another the camera software got jacked. I went to take some pics this afternoon in the mall, and this is what it was doing. Much to my chagrin, it corrected itself shortly thereafter. Can you tell the hubbie just loves to have his picture taken?
I sit posting in an attempt to break the cycle of a binge. It's my first one in a while. I have had days where I splurged in a calculated way. I have had less calculated but not disastrous days. And I have had good days. Even today started pretty well, but now I'm feeling stressed, and suddenly feel the need to inhale all edible products in a 1 mile radius. So far I've had 2 of my homemade protein bars and a spoonful of cookie dough, but it stops there. Instead, I will sit here, mull through the process and try to figure out why my head is where it is right now. I am definitely in a lull.

Ironically, David Whitley's post today was about gratitude and how attitude sets the tone for one's life. I am so amazingly thankful for everything I have. I never doubt for a second how charmed my life is. I think that maybe, in a way, the responsibility of that is what sometimes overwhelms me. I want nothing more than not to disappoint the ones I love, the ones who have made and continue to make my life what it is. I carry this weight with me constantly, and when I find out sometimes that I have let them down, it kills a part of my soul. Sometimes the fear of it paralyzes me, and I have tried this year not to allow this paralysis to happen, but instead to act on things that I wanted to do and place myself in a place of priority, something I have seldom done. Apparently, I have overdone this somewhat, though, and I have come to understand that in the process, I have left others neglected, others who trust me implicitly. This knowledge sent me into a downward spiral of self-evaluation focused on my shortcomings. These moments of self-evaluation are often what lead to these binges. Even still, I have problems separating emotion from food though the times when I succumb to temptation are becoming fewer and farther between.

I understand now that as I attempt to master my ability to control the temptation to binge, I need also to focus on my ability to be more constructive and less destructive in my self-thought. David has had me working on this for a while, and I have, for months, been replacing negative self-descriptors with a little mantra that he gave me (he probably doesn't even remember doing it, but I've found it to be powerful), "I am lean and strong and beautiful." When I look in the mirror or lie in bed at night and focus on the negative, and the ugly words start a stampede through my mind, I clear them with those words whether I believe them or not at that particular moment. Until now, the restructuring of my thoughts has primarily concerned those involving my appearance. Now, I will begin to restructure my thoughts in other aspects of my life, and I will begin to find a balance between asserting what I want and continuing to make my loved ones my first priority, a delicate balance to be sure. To properly take care of them, I have to find a way to best take care of myself, my whole self.

20kg swing x 1 min
Rest 30 sec
16kg swing x 4 min
Rest 1 min
20kg swing x 1 min
Rest 30 sec
16kg swing x 1 min
12kg swing x 3 min
Rest 1 min
Repeat the last combo 2 more times for a total of about 25 min of workout.

My right 4th proximal phalanx is really bothering me. It started the day I was coming home from St. Paul--presumably while I was in St. Paul. The proximal and distal joints are fine, but the phalanx itself is what is sore. It was some better, but today during one set of 20kg swings, something "popped" there and the pain returned with a vengeance. As much as I want to start working heavier, I'm going to have to lay off of that some to let that recover. Fortunately, the left fifth proximal phalanx that also started bothering me last weekend is still doing much better.

30 seconds of each of the following with a 16kg:
Start with a R TGU lying to standing
High pull/alternating with a snatch
1 arm swing
Figure 8 to a hold
Now on the L in reverse ending with the last half of a TGU on the L

Rest about 3 minutes.

The next section of the workout I initially intended to be as follows:
4 rounds of
Double 16kg C&P x 4
Double 16kg Squat x 4
Double 16kg KB Burpee (note this is a squat thrust that ends with a deadlift) x 4
16kg Renegade Row 4/side
Rest 1 min

Then...4 sets of 15 Double 16kg swings.

As it was, I made a sort of flow drill out of the first part. With double 16's, I did the C&P, squated, put the bells down, did the KB burpee, put the bells back down and did a row on each side. I repeated that 4 times per round. My goal is to do this completely smoothly because it was a little halted today. Felt good though, and I look forward to perfecting it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Saturday, October 18, 2008
Work 6p-8a--154#

I cannot remember life without a goal--or two or three. Always, even as a very young girl, there was the goal of becoming a doctor. There were years of school spent fighting off illness in hopes of perfect attendance recognition. (Yes, I was/am an uber-geek.) There were hours upon hours of working for "A's," knowing I wanted to be valedictorian, and what college I wanted to get into, med school, residency, and so on. For over a year after I graduated from residency, I had this overwhelming sensation of being lost. My entire life had been dedicated to reaching that one point at which I could cast my philanthropic net out onto the world, seining out its demons of illness and disease. Suddenly I was there, at the very crossroads of life I had been trudging so hard to reach, and I had no idea which way to go from there. The terrain at that crossroads was different than I had anticipated. Turns out no one really wanted any one's help, much less my own. People had much rather wallow in their misery in search of a magic pill. And all the remaining roads ahead seemed flat and smooth by comparison with no foreseeable obstacles to overcome. I was accustomed to having bumpy hills to climb. Funny thing was, when the road smoothed out and I could see what was coming, life seemed a little boring. The hills kept me wondering what was on the other side of them and whether whatever it was would live up to my expectations.

After a while, I learned to enjoy the smooth road, and I learned to make it my own with other somewhat more random goals. I learned to use an SLR camera and committed to an ongoing improvement of my skills with that. I honed my skills with my firearms in some classes. I read more. I tackled Photoshop. I got in better shape. And, well, then there's the RKC. That one kind of snuck up on me.

From the first time I picked up my Dragon Door 8kg bell (I'm talking the one from back in the day with the thin handle and rubber coating), I knew I would eventually try to tackle the RKC. I just didn't know when that time would present itself. Oddly enough, it presented itself this summer, and here I am on the other side of another goal. I find myself alternately proudly elated and saddened. I am, justifiably or not, pleased with myself for having made it through the weekend and passed. Unfortunately, I had always pictured myself going through it as a lean, mean kettlebell machine, rocking the weekend all sculpted and schtuff. Somehow, in my psyche, the accomplishment is lessened slightly by my not having concommitantly reached my goal physique. One goal reached and celebrated, the spectre of another somewhat casting a shadow over it. I am excited, too, about the people I have met and the friends I have made. I look forward to their e-mails and calls, but I miss my new-found friends with their optimism and fervor. And I feel a little bit lonely with no one close by with whom to share my enthusiasm and hash out my next steps.

I've spent this last week mulling all of this over and wondering where I go from here. My workouts, though good, have felt lack-luster since I don't have a specific place for them to go. Again I find myself a little lost, so I've been thinking a lot about the next goal. There is always the apparently never-ending quest for aesthetic happiness, but I need the more important markers of physical accomplishment, the steady increase in strength and stamina. Somehow just saying, "I will do a pull-up by April," or "I'll be doing pistols by the end of March," just doesn't seem to be as inspiring as "I'll have my RKC in October." Don't get me wrong, I enjoy training for training's sake, training for life and all it has to offer, but right now I'm feeling the need for something else to add to that. I've thought about the RKC II in April, but I just don't know that I can justify the expenditure at this point--or convince the hubbie that it's a great idea. ;) For now, I guess I'll just have to settle for that pull-up and those pistols and enjoy the long, smooth road.

1 20KG TGU per side.
5 rounds of 30 sec each:
16kg reverse lunge L
16kg reverse lunge R
16kg swing

Rest a few minutes

5 rounds of 30 sec each:
pull-up with green bands for the first 2 sets and green and purple bands for the last 3
push-up--my abs are still frikkin' killing me from last weekend. I dropped down to knees so I could adhere to perfect form.

rest a few minutes

Tabata squat-thrusts alternating with burpees. ARRGH!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Foot Cheese Salad

Friday, October 17, 2008
Work 6p-8a--155.5#

I know. It sounds not only ridiculous but disgusting. Unfortunately, my coworkers started calling my favorite salad by this name because the feta cheese in it bestows upon it an aroma reminiscent of feet. At least that's what they say. My sniffer is defective, an oddity that can come in handy in the ER.

I ate this a lot a while back and decided to revisit it a few weeks ago when I started a Warrior Diet-type program. As I was making it today, I decided I would post it in hopes that some of you would share some of your favorite salads in the comments.

Foot Cheese Salad

Large bowl (~3-4c) dark, leafy greens--spring mix or spinach works best. This really isn't very good with iceberg or sweet butter type greens.
1/4 chopped walnuts
2 tbsp dried cranberries
1/4c low fat feta cheese
2 tbsp dressing. My favorite for this salad in Newman's Own Light Honey Mustard.
Toss and Enjoy

Nutritional Breakdown: Calories 340 Fat 20.5 grams Carbohydrates 30 gms Protein 13 grams

WORKOUT: None today.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Variation On A Theme

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Work 6p-8a--158#

WORKOUT: There's a burpee/swing workout that I've seen several people do that starts with 20 burpees/2 swings and works its way down to 2 burpees and 20 swings by going down on one and up on the other 2 reps at a time...18 burpees/4 swings...16burpees/6 swings...14 burpees/8 swings...and so on.
I decided to do a variation of that but with snatches starting with 20 16kg snatches on each side and 2 20kg swings and working down to the reverse of that. I forgot to turn the timer on until about 5 min in, but I think it took me about 35 minutes.
Total...220 snatches & 110 swings. Most definitely a nice workout.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Masochism-- and, yes, I know I'm remarkably photogenic.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Work 6p-8a
158.5#--Yes, I have to be one of a very few people who actually frikkin' gained weight at the RKC. And I swear I didn't even eat more except a planned splurge on Sunday night. ARGH!

No matter how much I ponder it, I just cannot muster the words to describe this weekend. Time and again over the last few days, I have sat with my computer in my lap, trying to find what to say, and each time I have moved to the next task on my list, unable to get started. So I've come to the conclusion that I should just begin and let the words take on a life of their own with no heed to eloquence or chronology or anything else, really, except the need to somehow record some of what the RKC was for me.

I'd be a fool to say I left home Thursday with no sense of anxiety, so I'll not even try that little white lie. Whether from the change in schedule, excitement, nerves or a combination of it all, I don't know, but regardless, I could not sleep Wednesday night, so I just got up early to get ready to meet my ride. With the wheels in motion, my nerves settled, and I got progressively more excited until I found the sweet little gift of chewing gum someone so kindly left attached to my seat belt on the plane. As luck would have it, the couple in front of me on the plane heard me complaining to the flight attendant and turned around to loan me some fingernail polish remover to help de-gum. Turns out, they were a couple from Montgomery, Alabama who own a Crossfit gym there and were also on their way to the cert. Mark Lemkuhl, the husband, would even turn out to be on my team. Gum removed from all but a small portion of my pants, we landed safely and headed out, picking up Sandy Sommer at the baggage claim (no implication here that Sandy would be baggage). Shortly after getting settled at the hotel, Sandy and I had dinner with Angela, another friend he had met online who would also turn out to be on our team. Then we headed over to the meet and greet where we found out on what teams we would be and met some of the others naive enough or masochistic enough for this weekend. About 9 o'clock folks started filtering out, heading off in search of rest before our big day on Friday.

I was no exception to that rule, and found myself sound asleep by 11:00...and wide awake again at 5 a.m. at which point I began to think horrible thoughts of failure about the snatch test. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't think positive thoughts about it. They were all negative, horribly negative. And they manifested themselves a few hours later. The day started with a weigh-in to know how many snatches we had to do, and guess what...I did have to do 50 snatches, not 40. I had read the chart wrong when I thought I was reassuring myself. I read it right when I had the freak-out spell. All I could think was, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck...." and that only got worse when they told me I couldn't use my Tracy Rif Socks. I could have sworn I read that they would be fine, and I didn't specifically ask David if they were okay for the snatch test, just the weekend in general. So when Phil stopped me and told me I couldn't use them, I came unglued. My hands were horribly sweaty before I even started. By the time I hit the 22nd rep on the left, my starting arm, the bell almost flew out of my hand. Instead of trying to recover and go to my strong arm, I just dropped an "F" bomb and set the bell down. I wanted to punch something so badly I was shaking, but I knew if I did, I would break my hand and the weekend would really be done. So I sucked it up and went on. I was pissed, but I went on.

My anger from my failure at the snatch test and my fear that I would not be able to master it on the second attempt fill my memories of the first day. We learned the nuances of teaching the swing and get-up and clean, did 2 or 3 full workouts and over 700 hundred swings. Every 20-30 minutes the gym-boss would tell us to get up and do some swings, so the speaker would stop and have us do just that. Sometimes, someone would commit a safety violation or be late or lazy getting back to the circle and we'd have to do some more. Honestly, other than absorbing the information, I didn't care. I was just so angry about that snatch test, and I was trying to formulate a plan for the next morning.

The day done, dinner had, and a few hours of sleep behind me, I woke up yet again at the buttcrack of dawn. But the second day I was bound and determined not to defeat myself before I started. I visualized myself finishing the test, sometimes with the 16kg, sometimes with the 12kg, but I tried to always think of myself as finishing it. I just couldn't decide what route to take--the 16 or the 12. I was so afraid my grip would peter out again with the 16, but I'd never even attempted 80 straight 12kg snatches that I could remember. I was pretty sure I could do them, though. I talked with Sandy about it, asked Dave, asked my assistants. I hate making decisions. In the end, I nailed the test and the rest of the day was so much better for it. It's probably a good thing, too, because I don't think I've ever been as physically exhausted as I was that day. We learned the snatch, squat and press, did the VO2 Max protocol, a squat workout, a bazillion swings, and goodness only knows what else. Just when my body was about to disown me, the day came to an end. To celebrate...dinner at a fun little restaurant downtown then off to bed.
I knew as I went to bed that I would wake up sore. I had been spared any soreness Saturday morning, but there was just no hope that that would happen after the day we had had on Saturday. Man, I was right. Getting up and getting moving was the right idea, though, and John DuCane's morning QiGong exercise loosened us all up and got us ready to have our form tested on all the exercises, teach a student or two, then do the grad workout. I even got the added bonus of meeting the Friday's on Sunday morning. As if that weren't treat enough, they decided to meet all of us who were staying in town and go to dinner later that night. After a weekend of hard work, we all cut loose and had a great time at a little brew pub a couple of blocks from the hotel. Then went back and FELL into bed.

These are the facts. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts enough to express more about my feelings on the weekend. When I do, there'll be more.

Here are some pics...
I'm not sure what I'm practicing here. Probably cleans, but I've obviously just gotten a big dose of something wickedly sour--probably the fresh memory of my jacked up snatch test.

Keep it tight! Practicing my roundhouse kick as I encourage Beau to keep it all pulled together.
Doing some cleans against the fence (a.k.a. against the wall) to teach "taming the arc."
Day Two...

Mr. Whitley demonstrates what can be accomplished with a bit of tension.

Susan Finley, RKC II gives me a moment on camera after spending the day encouraging me and imparting the nuances of perfect form. (Please note teammates passed out on the ground behind us.)
Sandy Sommer and I revel in the idea that not only is day two over, but we survived it.
Peter and I get ready for the graduate workout. He's a state trooper in Pennsylvania and a SUPER nice guy. I'm not sure why he looks like he thinks I'm crazy here.
20 sec walking see-saw press, 10 sec reset, 20 sec swing, 10 sec rest...for the length of the field.
The last step of the graduate workout with Sandy cheering me on. The brunette to my right is Kelly Cassidy from Massachusetts. As I was wandering around the meet & greet looking like a lost puppy, she rescued me, pulling me into her group and warmly welcoming me in. We started the weekend together, and thanks to her, we ended it together, too. She crossed the line first, and came back to join me as I finished my grad workout. I was privileged to make friends with her this weekend, and have no doubts she will be an absolute force as an RKC.
On the morning of the last day, we were given a "victim" to teach the swing and get-up. As I was finishing that up and carrying the bells back to the gym, I hear my name and see none other than Fawn Friday looking straight at me! How exciting!!! Aaron was there, too, and they cheered us on during the grad workout after which we snapped some pics. I know I had my picture made with Fawn at some point during this, but for some reason I can't find it. Regardless, I found the one of me and Aaron and have one of the two of them. I'm just tickled beyond words to have gotten to meet them in person.
The girls of Team Jones...Me, Aileen, Angela, and Bre.
Team Jones
Me; Breana Berry (Minneapolis, MN Real Estate Agent); Beau Nelson (Chicago, IL trainer); Drew Kearns (Lynchburg, VA trainer); Sandor Sommer (Towson, Maryland trainer); Trevis Chandler (San Francisco, CA); Peter Myers (Lander, PA highway patrol); Scott Ward (Waukegan, IL paramedic); Paul Gerard (St. Paul, MN postal employee); Phil Scarito, RKC; Rick Carranza, RKC; Armand Lavallee (Brigham, MA trainer); Aileen Medina (Washington D. C. trainer); Angela Ramos (Crown Point, IN trainer); Susan Finley, RKC II; Brett Jones, Master RKC; Jared Fleurent (Fairhaven, MA trainer); Mark Lemkuhl (Montgomery, AL Crossfit).
We're official! I'm really glad that Sandy and I got to go through this together. We had the opportunity to talk several times before the weekend came around, often bouncing ideas off each other and hoping we were as prepared as we felt like we were. Having someone I "knew" (though we'd never met in person) there with whom to commiserate was nice.
And, well, there's just not enough to say about David...
This is what Kelly looks like when she's not slinging bells. And it's yet another example of how photogenic I am. This was taken before I consumed a single drop of alcohol.
I couldn't resist taking a snap of the wine bottle. How funny is that name?!
"Here, hold my beer."

As much credit as I have to give David for bent pressing Fawn, doing a Turkish get-up balancing a pitcher of beer on one's fist is quite impressive. Kelly even showed off with a windmill after she got to standing before she went all the way back down with it. That's Mary Ann, a trainer from Miami, doing the spotting--couldn't risk losing any beer, now could we?

Yes, I know some of these activities are likely to be questioned under the RKC code of conduct, but the restaurant was largely empty by this time...

TODAY'S WORKOUT: I nailed the 20kg TGU on both sides today. It was my first attempt.

3 rounds of 30 sec each...each round separated by 1 min of rest.

Double 16kg squat

Double 16kg C&P

Double 16kg Renegade Row

double 16kg swing.

Tabata swings with the 20kg.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More later. :)
A.M. Day 3
I was right. I awakened with my quads, flutes, abs, and hands
pondering leading a mutiny. I lured them back with promises of
dessert. Wish me luck.
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

End of day 2...

My muscles are exhausted in ways I can't even explain. I've definitely
tapped reserves I didn't know I had. I was surprised this morning when
I wasn't sore but I don't think that will be the case in the a.m. I'm
one big lactic acid pool. We did about a gajillion swings on top of
the vo2 max protocol (which rocks btw) & a couple more workouts in
and of themselves. My hands are holding up fairly well from a skin
standpoint but are swollen and tight--even fatigued. Actually I think
every cell in my body is fatigued. Overall the day was better though
because my mind was in the right place. :)
Tomorrow is a big day from a certification standpoint. We teach a
newcomer for an hour or so & have to take ourselves safely through the
graduate workout (can't wait to see you guys Fawn!). Apparently the
teaching is über important. As it should be.
Thanks for all your well wishes and happy vibes!
Now I must sleep.
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Quick update. I got it! :)

More later.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner day 1. After a chocolate martini my mind us a little closer to
right. But I'm still not feeling good--colossally pissed. There was
actually one point during the day when I questioned ever picking up a
bell again which is wrong b/c my form was solid on all the
instructional stuff. The snatch test has just fucked with my head. I
woke up @ 5am worrying about it so I was hosed before I started. Gonna
go back to the hotel room & do some visualization. Can't thank you all
enough for the encouraging words--I can't even begin to say what they
have meant. I am physically & emotionally exhausted & they were just
what I needed. I'll post more details about everything when I get home.
Midday day 1. My mind is totally in the wrong place. I'm a fucking
puss. Unworthy POS. Why am I even here?
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet & greet

I'm thinking the posts will be fewer & farther between starting
tomorrow, but I thought I'd post about how the meet & greet went.

Lots of healthy, friendly folks around. I tend to be a bit of an
introvert in situations like tonight but the people were warm enough
that I couldn't stay that way too long. Lots if 20-somethings and a
fairly diverse crowd geographically. I'll be on Brett Jones's team
with Sandy Sandor and some guys from Boston that I've met so far.

I ran into Pavel @ the check in desk as I was going to my room. He's
very personable even if obviously looking forward to the sadism of the
weekend. Soft spoken and smaller than I'd pictured.

Off to bed now. Thanks for everyone's many words of encouragement. :)

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As I was gathering my things this morning to head out for St. Paul, I
grabbed my list I made at work the day before yesterday to make sure
I wasn't forgetting anything. When I left work yesterday morning, I
grabbed my things in a hurry, paying no attention to this list I'd set
aside hours before. This morning,though, I noticed the other
handwriting & the note my friend Jamie had left behind.

I spend an inordinate amount of my life feeling guilty for first one
thing, then another--mostly feeling that I fail to be the wife,
daughter, sister and friend that I should be. It is my eternal catch
22. Time for one thing takes time away from another thus preventing me
from feeling too good about the time spent. As much as I am looking
forward to this trip, I'm sitting here at the airport feeling like a
schmuck for leaving the hubbie by himself for 5 days or not taking the
five days to be with my sister & mom who are spending the week
together. It really never ends.

Every now & then, though, I think maybe I don't suck so bad & feel a
little less guilty. See why I'm always talking about being the
luckiest girl in the world? A husband I hate to leave & friends like

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking Back

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Work 6p-8a--154.5#

Today, I got up, dressed and began my short workout for the day, 20 16kg snatches on each side. When I first started working with kettlebells, the 8kg was my best friend, and I couldn't even imagine snatching a 16kg one the first time. Then, rolling the idea of going to the RKC over in my mind, 20 16kg snatches were not even in my realm of possibility. I destinctly remember thinking there was just no way that much weight was going up that many times. I was in absolute awe of the women listed as RKC's. That was 3 or 4 years ago now, long enough that I can't remember the date, only the feelings associated with it and loosely setting a goal for myself. As I look forward to this weekend (though I admit it's bittersweet since I'm leaving the hubbie behind for 5 days), I'm amazed at how far I've come, and I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to what the next 3 or 4 years hold.

More pics from last week...
Mom always loves playing with the grandkids, and what better toy than an empty paper towel tube?

My nephew was actually trying to crow in this picture, and it turned into this adorable grin.

Mobile Blogging

For those of you who saw my maiden mobile blog and wondered how I did that...

Go to the Settings tab of your blogger dashboard. There will be a heading for e-mail. Set up that e-mail by inputting a "secret word". It will look something like Don't let anyone know this address, though, because any "mail" sent to it will automatically be posted to your blog. There is, however, an option to leave these unposted until you approve them. Now, you can take a picture from your phone, type in some text via its keyboard or number pad, and email that to your blog by putting the aforementioned secret address into the "to" slot.

Also, on the dashboard at the very bottom, is an icon to click that will show you some other ways to do this that might be more friendly to your specific phone. I hope you're as tickled as I am to figure this out. :)

Where I work.

I'm figuring out this mobile blogging thing which just might come in
handy this weekend. I'm sending this from my iPhone to give it a run.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Narcoleptic Dreams

Monday, October 6, 2008
Work 6p-8a--154#

The hubbie and I decided that neuroscientists should develop a way to hook up to people and see their dreams. I'm almost certain that I could syndicate mine. Sleep rarely comes to me without amazingly vivid dreams. Though I've not yet learned to bring about a specific dream on command, when I have a type of dream that is familiar to me, I can control it. For instance, when I dream about flying, I can fly where I want, swirling and swooping, landing and taking off as I please. When my maternal grandmother was alive, we would go to her house every Sunday for dinner which she would cook while we were all gone to church. It was always a magnificent Southern feast, and when I dream about watching her cook it, I can ask her to tell me certain stories I used to love or ask her to cook a specific thing that I have been craving. As you might imagine, I love having dreams like these.

The dreams are not, however, always good ones, and I am apparently more stressed about the RKC than I thought I was. Today I dreamed that I went outside to do a few snatches the day before leaving for the RKC, and I just could not turn one out no matter what I did. And the bells kept having wierd defects. One's handle was to thin to grip and wobbly, about to fall off. Another looked deceptively small but was just too heavy. No amount of effort would put any of them overhead. I awakened tense and full of dread.

When I did finally drag myself out of bed, though, my workout went okay and consisted of...

WORKOUT: 3 sets of 15/15 16kg snatches, 1 min apart.

On a lighter note, I went to see Mom and Dad last week and got the chance to snap a few pics. Here are a few of the ones of Gypsy. She is a border collie, Australian shepherd mix who is quite entertaining. Can you tell she loves my dad?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Called Out

October 4, 2008
Work 6p-8a--153.5#

Anthony D. posted a challenge on the forum this week, and I just so happened to be in a place in my workouts that I felt I could give it a run. You'll notice a few things about the video below. One, in the clean section, I have a wierd pause in the beginning. That 's the wheels in my head turning as I remember that in the video Anthony does his cleans from the bottom, so I switch to that half-way through. Then, I turn 180 degrees to get the sun out of my face, and you'll notice me repositioning my feet fairly frequently due to the uneven ground I was standing on. Hopefully that covers most of the little idiosycracies in the video.

Funny enough, the day I did this, Anthony D. called me out on the forum, telling me he wanted to see me try it. We'll see what he thinks. :)

Jen B Challenge from Marc Bryan on Vimeo.

Double 16kg c&p 3 sets of 4--the first two of each set I did without a pushpress.
Double 16kg squats--3 sets of 4
16kg swings--3 sets of 15
2 sets of 5/side 12kg windmills.
YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: See in detail above. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

As If There Were Any Doubt

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Last year about this time, some friends, the hubby and I went to a fundraiser as a nice excuse for riding around in a limo consuming some great liquor (see pic below of me and the hubby all dressed up). We decided to do a repeat this year minus the crazy clothes and go to Lambert's Restaurant, home of the throwed rolls. We all had a great time...last night. It's been a long time since I've been the south side of tipsy, and I paid for it today. No pukage, just tummy unhappiness and general yuck. Not to mention I looked like absolute hell. If I ever doubted alcohol was a toxin to the body, that doubt was erased today. UGH!

TODAY'S WORKOUT: 3 sets of 16kg snatches 15/side, 1 minute apart.
TUESDAY'S WORKOUT: Double 16kg C&P 3 sets of 4--actually did a fair number of these without a pushpress this time. 1 min rest b/w sets.
Double 16kg squat 3 sets of 4.
Double 16kg swing 3 sets of 15.
5/side 12kg windmills for 2 sets.
MONDAY'S WORKOUT: 3 sets of 16kg snatches 13/side. 1 minute apart.