Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner day 1. After a chocolate martini my mind us a little closer to
right. But I'm still not feeling good--colossally pissed. There was
actually one point during the day when I questioned ever picking up a
bell again which is wrong b/c my form was solid on all the
instructional stuff. The snatch test has just fucked with my head. I
woke up @ 5am worrying about it so I was hosed before I started. Gonna
go back to the hotel room & do some visualization. Can't thank you all
enough for the encouraging words--I can't even begin to say what they
have meant. I am physically & emotionally exhausted & they were just
what I needed. I'll post more details about everything when I get home.

1 comment:

  1. Every single people have gone through this process and you're not special getting exhausted disoriented etc. These are expected factors.

    Only thing that would fail you is when you self defeat yourself. Everyone wants to pass you.

    Good luck and have fun.