Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Work 6p-8a--155#

WORKOUT for time: The "burpees" are actually squat-thrusters.
20 Burpees/5 swings
18 burpees/10 swings
16 burpees/ 15 swings
14 burpees/20 swings
12 burpees/25 swings
10 burpees/30 swings
8 burpees/35 swings
6 burpees/40 swings
4 burpees/45 swings
2 burpees/50 swings

24' 40"--I was a little preoccupied during this workout, so this time will fall quite a bit next time I think.
All swings were 2-handed because that right 4th digit is still not diggin' it. Some better, though.

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