Monday, November 21, 2011

Lean Eating January, 2011--The Pics

This past week was "Peak Week" for Lean Eaters as we got ready for the photo shoot assignment this weekend. Honestly, I dreaded it, but wanted to embrace it as I promised myself I would do with all the LE assignments. I have come to see that they all have their purpose and when properly completed always lead to personal growth.
I thought that the majority of growth for this assignment would come in the doing, and I did learn a lot from that. For me, though, the the largest growth came as I was looking at the pictures for the first time. Seeing myself through the lens that my husband commanded was like being introduced to myself for the first time. Then, instead of feeling like something was over, like the assignment was done and the end of Lean Eating was looming, I began to feel as if things were just beginning.
Here are a few of the results.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've just spent a couple of weeks with my mom here in Florida with me. Having her here was a wonderful treat, but the time surely did fly! It seemed like no sooner did she get here that she had to leave. My mom is an AMAZING woman who is quite an inspiration to me. At 80 years old, less than 7 months after losing her husband, breaking a hip and almost dying (this is no exaggeration--long story) all within a 2 week period, she is hopping on planes and traversing the country. Not only is she a wonderful mom, she is one of my best friends.

Today I am hanging out in Orlando for DEMA and to spend a little time with the hubby. Though I've brought equipment with me to work out at the motor home, I decided this morning to take the opportunity to work out at a commercial gym. I am reminded why I love my little spot at home.
I know it's good to branch out occasionally for different experiences and to push our comfort zones a bit, and that is a lot of why I did it, but while I was there, I did a fair amount of thinking about why I'm not as crazy about commercial gyms.
There are the fairly apparent reasons like I have to share equipment, I have to dodge other people, I have to not swear, etc. But I realized today that because for me my workouts are very much a therapeutic thing, I feel like people are seeing a part of me that I don't want them to see. Somehow I have this weird feeling that they can see inside my head, inside my heart and soul. I feel like I am sharing that space as well. I think this is why I have issues not looking at the floor when I workout around other people. I think I need to explore this more...
Oh yeah, if I'm around people I don't know, I can't do my little goofy dances between sets like I do at home. Definitely takes some of the fun out!
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