Friday, November 9, 2012


Sometimes the idea of doing "a little more a little better" seems like such slow progress. Day in and day out, it's difficult to appreciate where we are going and where we have been. Occasionally though after weeks or months (or sometimes years) of trudging away after a goal, we randomly experience something we never thought possible.

For months on and off, I've been doing handstand walkups and holding them for a while as a part of some of my workouts. After seeing pic after pic of my RKC buddies doing one-armed handstands, I decided to see how far I could get. Imagine my surprise when I nailed it first time! I was dumbfounded--especially when I did it again, and then on my less strong side! I was bubbling with excitement.

With the coming of autumn and a return to standard time, the light wanes quickly but it is certainly beautiful when it's here. ...and the Gym Jen lighting system is a fun change up to the routine. ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Much of life is about learning lessons, living through an experience and coming out on the other side wiser and better. Someone who has lived a few more lessons than me (but whose name I can't seem to remember at the moment) said that when we stop learning, we have stopped living. I have thought a lot about that concept since I first read about it, and I subscribe to it. Life is learning. Only when we lie lifeless in bed, completely devoid of interaction and stimulus, when our minds are taken from us entirely, do we stop learning, and that, my dears, is no life.

The last 18 months or so have given me many lessons, and it has underscored previous ones. Often, my heart aches with the knowledge of which I am now so keenly aware. Moments are fleeting and precious, and the people in our lives are what make them worthwhile.  In this vein, changes are afoot. After all, what good is a lesson upon which we do not act?

The weather in north Florida is on the change as well as autumn has brought its chill a bit early. We had frost yesterday morning! I never see a frosted patch of grass that I don't think about all the mornings I stood with wet hair waiting on the bus or huddled in the passenger seat of Daddy's '79 Ford F150 waiting for the heater to kick in. Daddy was always convinced that I was going to catch my death from that frozen head of hair. :) So the last two days, I've not needed a fan at all for my workouts. As a matter of fact, I've had to wear a t-shirt and capris and was still a little chilly. This is the first year I can remember when I actually have looked forward to the cool weather.  I guess we all really do change with time.

 At Moe's yesterday (I didn't have time to prepare anything before work), I ran into a couple I took care of a couple of weeks ago. They insisted on buying my dinner. What a lovely treat!