Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mobile Blogging

For those of you who saw my maiden mobile blog and wondered how I did that...

Go to the Settings tab of your blogger dashboard. There will be a heading for e-mail. Set up that e-mail by inputting a "secret word". It will look something like oncearoundvenus.star@blogger.com. Don't let anyone know this address, though, because any "mail" sent to it will automatically be posted to your blog. There is, however, an option to leave these unposted until you approve them. Now, you can take a picture from your phone, type in some text via its keyboard or number pad, and email that to your blog by putting the aforementioned secret address into the "to" slot.

Also, on the dashboard at the very bottom, is an icon to click that will show you some other ways to do this that might be more friendly to your specific phone. I hope you're as tickled as I am to figure this out. :)

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