Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Called Out

October 4, 2008
Work 6p-8a--153.5#

Anthony D. posted a challenge on the forum this week, and I just so happened to be in a place in my workouts that I felt I could give it a run. You'll notice a few things about the video below. One, in the clean section, I have a wierd pause in the beginning. That 's the wheels in my head turning as I remember that in the video Anthony does his cleans from the bottom, so I switch to that half-way through. Then, I turn 180 degrees to get the sun out of my face, and you'll notice me repositioning my feet fairly frequently due to the uneven ground I was standing on. Hopefully that covers most of the little idiosycracies in the video.

Funny enough, the day I did this, Anthony D. called me out on the forum, telling me he wanted to see me try it. We'll see what he thinks. :)

Jen B Challenge from Marc Bryan on Vimeo.

Double 16kg c&p 3 sets of 4--the first two of each set I did without a pushpress.
Double 16kg squats--3 sets of 4
16kg swings--3 sets of 15
2 sets of 5/side 12kg windmills.
YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: See in detail above. :)

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  1. What are your workout plans for tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday?