Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet & greet

I'm thinking the posts will be fewer & farther between starting
tomorrow, but I thought I'd post about how the meet & greet went.

Lots of healthy, friendly folks around. I tend to be a bit of an
introvert in situations like tonight but the people were warm enough
that I couldn't stay that way too long. Lots if 20-somethings and a
fairly diverse crowd geographically. I'll be on Brett Jones's team
with Sandy Sandor and some guys from Boston that I've met so far.

I ran into Pavel @ the check in desk as I was going to my room. He's
very personable even if obviously looking forward to the sadism of the
weekend. Soft spoken and smaller than I'd pictured.

Off to bed now. Thanks for everyone's many words of encouragement. :)

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