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Sunday, November 29, 2009
weight unknown (see more later)

In medical school psychiatric training we discovered an interesting fact about stressors. Not only are bad things considered stressors, but so are good things. For instance, when assigning points to stressors to "score" a patient, getting married ranks fairly similarly to getting a divorce or death of a loved one (no snide remarks here, folks). It's been a while, and I don't use this scoring system now, so I can't give you exact numbers on the scale, but I remember their close proximity on it because it fascinated me. If you think about it, this makes sense. Good events are, well, good, but they do cause a fair amount of change and effort on an individual's part. Even with good things come some anxiety. And we all respond a little differently to our stressors.

I. am. a. stress. eater. Big surprise, I know, but it's true. Life is one stressor after another, and with any luck the good ones balance the bad. Sometimes, though, even the usual stress load tips in the direction of overwhelming, and something has to give somewhere. The last couple of months have seemed to tip that load, both with good and with less-than-good things. On the tail end of Mom and Dad's visit, and my partial regression to childhood eating habits then, my response to the stress has been less than ideal. My nutrition has been poor. My focus on my workouts has been lacking, and I find myself feeling a bit too snug in my clothes. I also find myself wondering why I couldn't be one of those people whose response to stress is lack of appetite.

Today has been the first day in weeks that I haven't broken down and binged on something or had way too many processed carbohydrates. I still have 3 hours before bed, but I'll count that as a victory.


  1. my eating has been all over the map, just like my hours worked. My weight has been all over the map too.. .but my clothes still seem to be fitting ok.

  2. good about the clothes. the rest will come together eventually. my clothes...different story.:(

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I am looking to hook up with you to talk about RKC, HKC. Can I contact you in email?


  4. You're the doc but I know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Jump out of the rut girl. If you gotta binge, find something that won't hurt as bad. Gotta be something good out there that you like to chomp on. I could gorge myself on granola and skim milk but it's better than Blue Bell. Baby steps.

  5. I'm a stress eater too... I really should hit the gym when I'm feeling stressed.. :( Some people I know smoke when they're stressed...and have told me that it helped them suppress appetite.. no thanks! I rather eat and get snugged in my clothes than smoke ;) LOL

  6. Interesting post! I'm linking this to a blog post today!