Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost A Month

Almost a full month since last I posted. Time flies when you're avoiding things! While historically the internet has brought me into contact with wonderful people and has given me amazing friends, over this last six months or so, I have seen some of the negatives of giving people access to your life. It has been miscontrued and used to hurt others and just generally has not done the things that I had intended for it--to be a source of comfort to others as they see that there are people who have been where they are. I had a long, heartfelt talk with a friend about this issue and came away from it understanding that the way my words are used by others is not my fault. The writing for me is cathartic, so not writing leaves me empty. For some, my words are comforting, and not writing steals that comfort from them. So, I will resume my writing.

I have been continuing my journey during my absence here, and it has been going well. I work hard to do "a little more, a little better," and a week from today I will weigh less than 150 pounds for the first time since before I was married. Certainly I am still a bit from my ultimate goal, but I am finally actually moving in that direction consistently.


  1. Glad to see you back! Congrats on the weight situation....I'm battling that big time these days, it has engulfed my every thought and I need to "let it go" from that and just get it done.

  2. Diana,
    I can't speak highly enough of the Lean Eating Coaching program with Precision Nutrition. It truly is a life transformation and has in many ways freed me from my obsessions with food and eating. I hope you can find that same sort of liberation.