Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Whole30 Comes To An End

It's been a busy few weeks. Right smack in the middle of my Whole30, I went to Las Vegas for a class--12-14 hours a day of classes for 4 days. I used to love Vegas, and you just can't beat the food there. I won't lie, I was bummed not to be able to take advantage of the culinary delights in Sin City, but I was determined to stick to the plan, and I did. As a matter of fact, I still had the best meal I've had in years at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant while I was there. It was absolutely perfect. The class was exhausting but productive, I didn't overindulge, and I even got in a couple of workouts. Despite being painfully homesick, not a bad trip overall.

I continued the Whole30 after I got back, and ultimately enjoyed the overall experience quite a bit. Breaking it down to the basic numbers, over the 30 days, I lost 7.5 pounds and 8.25 total inches. For those of you who have been following me over the years, you will know this is nothing short of monumental for me. I also noticed that my mood was, indeed, improved. Mind you, I didn't experience the paleo giddiness that some folks report, but I have noticed that my mood is better. My skin is clearer. I didn't have the breakouts and blemishes during this cycle that I typically do.  And (this might be TMI, but I think it's significant so I'm going to share it) I also noticed that the "fuzzies" ladies who have them will know of what I speak... are markedly better. There is no doubt that my hormones are in better balance than they were before the Whole30. One of my goals with the Whole30, though, was decreasing the number and severity of headaches that I'm having, and I didn't see much improvement. I did see some, just not enough, so I've decided it's time to check in with a neurologist and make sure nothing hinky is going on.

The restrictions of the Whole30 were over just in time for our friends' Clint and Caitlin's wedding this weekend. We headed down to Anna Maria Island Thursday after I got off of work and joined them for the rehearsal dinner.  After not sleeping for thirty hours, I collapsed into bed and finally slept well for the first time in two weeks--even woke up energized enough for a great beach workout before the wedding festivities. Luna naturally joined me for the beach fun but she wasn't so sure about those waves we were trotting along next to, lol. Regardless, she got some playtime outside before having to chill by herself while Marc and I enjoyed ourselves at the wedding.

Tomorrow I start phase 9 of my workouts from Jennifer Cooper, so today I decided to just spend some time playing. Here's the evidence (note playing with my one rep max deadlift was part of the play. Turns out it's 170#, about 110% of body weight):

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