Monday, March 4, 2013

Mojo...Or Lack Thereof

I've been busy the last several weeks as we continue to prepare for our adventure. The motor home is getting packed up and organized. Luna's been to the vet for a check up and vaccinations. Laundry has been done...and done some more, and life has been in a bit of upheaval.  With it my mojo seems to have been packed away somewhere, and I find myself having to really push to get out and do what I know I must to stay sane--workout.  I get out there, though, and I work. I even push and then push a little harder although I suspect I could push even harder if I tried. 

Since the successful end of my Whole30, nutrition has been even more of a challenge than the workouts. I suspect stress is a big factor. I continue to have the twitch in my eyelid, the nightmares and just general anxiety, something I am unaccustomed to fighting for this long. I hope that as we hit the road next week, these things decide to melt away.


  1. It's seems that February has been a "downer" month for lots of folks. I got struck with something new-vertigo. Sucks big time. After 3 weeks of hell, it seems as though things are starting to clear up. I've done crap for workouts-a kb here and there, a run here and there, mostly sleep and hanging on through the tilt-a-whirl ride from hell.
    Safe travels in the motor home! Peace that your mind settles and the anxiety flows out and far away!

  2. OOOOH. Vertigo sucks. Is antivert not working? Have you seen anyone to have them do vestibular maneuvers? I hope you're feeling better.