Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have thought of at least four or five things to write about tonight, but I'll stick to talking about that "170#" in the top left corner.

I sort of went off the edge a bit the last couple of months, finding myself struggling to keep my head above water emotionally. Finding a peaceful place in my life has been my foremost priority. and as such, my focus on some other things has fallen somewhat by the wayside. One of the things that fell by the wayside was my focus on nutrition. While I tried not to hoover every last thing in my path, I did eat way too much, and way too much of the wrong stuff, lots of sweets. And as a part of a deal with a friend, I chose not to weigh myself for the weeks between Thanksgiving and the new year, so I had no idea what effect this glutinous debauchery was having on my weight.When I finally did weigh a couple of days ago, I had gained six or seven pounds. All-in-all I can't say I'm disappointed. I really went way over the top with my eating.

Now, though, since the holidays (really a tortuous time for me) are over, I've had some time with my sweetheart cuddled up and enjoying our new home, and I've finally found some peace, my nutrition feels good again. I'm cooking most of our meals now, loving my new kitchen, and finding myself planning ahead--something I've not been capable of the last couple of months. Maybe that weight will come down more quickly than it has in the past...maybe. I'm actually hoping that the time off the stricter diet, at a higher weight, will help kickstart some further weight loss.

Here are some pics from our holiday visit with some of our chosen family. These are our Godchildren and their parents.
Note Lily's Titans dress. We were watching football.

Mary and Josh are amazingly wonderful parents. Here is a prime example of how they spend time with the kids.

Abbiebear was none too happy at the stinky baby house.

Intently watching football together, a special treat for these two.

825 16kg swings in 39'37"
80 swings to begin, 25 sets of 10R/10L, 12 sets of 5L/5R/5L/5R, 5 to top it off
16kg TGU 1/1 x 2 to stretch things out at the end.



  1. A new home? not in the trailer anymore?

    You put the pounds up there a lot, but how often do you put the BF% up there?

  2. yeah, we bought 10 acres and put a house on it. we're really enjoying it.

    i checked my bf via the electical impedence feature on my scale today. it said 39%. it's always depressingly high, so i avoid it. somehow i have a hard time wrapping my head around being almost 1/2 fat.

  3. I also question how accurate those scales are. I was looking into them not that long ago, thinking it might be nice to have. Almost all the reviews I saw said they're not very accurate.

    Caliper or tape is my rule for bf% now. (unless I could find somewhere to do the pool test for me).