Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lately I have been thinking a lot about passion. As I was eating dinner before work the other night, it occurred to me, like a light clicking on, that passion about each and every meal is not a necessity. For many, that may seem incredibly elementary, but for a recovering chubling, that is an important concept. For someone who has spent her whole life looking forward to her next meal, planning it, relishing it, the idea that I do not have to be excited about it hit me like a ton of bricks. Sure, I've spent significant periods of time not eating things I was excited about. On some level, I even understood that I was fueling my body rather than my psyche. Somehow, though, I internalized this concept differently the other day. It was literally a "well, I'll be darned" moment. Food, fuel for the the body is necessary, but there is no requirement for it to be emotionally fulfilling. That I somehow feel robbed when I eat a meal that doesn't fulfill my need to be given pleasure by my food is one of the reasons I find myself having difficulty finding and maintaining my ideal weight. When this idea truly hit home to me the other day, I literally felt a light come on in my brain. Certainly, occasionally having food that moves us is nice, and I would even say that--occasionally-- is important, but it is not necessary and certainly not necessary at every meal.
I'll be darned.

Now, for your viewing pleasure...
We were visited by a gopher turtle the other day. Abbie has met several new critters since our move--a coyote, a 7' garden snake, and now a gopher turtle. She was most curious about the turtle for some reason. It, however, was not curious about her. I almost fell over laughing when it hissed at her and she jumped.

20kg TGU 1/1 x 3
In 11'19" 5 rounds of:
Purple and black band assisted pullups x 3
perfect pushups x 3
partial pistols 1/1 x 2
16kg snatches 5/5,5/5,4/4,4/4,3/3,3/3,2/2,2/2,2/2
rest 16kg tgu 1/1 x 2

12kg VO2 max: 80 sets of 7


Double 16kg C&P x 3
Double 16kg Squat x 2
Rest 1 min
20kg C&P 1/1 x 2
20kg Goblet squat x 3
Rest 1 min
----3 sets
Black & Purple band-assisted pullups x 2
Perfect pushups x 2
Rest 1 min
----5 sets


See today's workout, but I forgot to start with the 20kg TGU.

1000 16kg Swings in 53'23"



  1. Interesting thoughts. When going out to eat, I have to remind myself that this is not the LAST TIME I will ever eat dinner out (something to do with a perception of deprivation?). Also I read this quote: food should be used as fuel, not stuffing. While I don't think every time we eat should be just about fueling up (how boring!) I also know that way too often I use food as stuffing and that on an ongoing basis does NOT work well. :)

  2. I like the quote. That will definitely be a part of my running mental conversation.

    With regard to a perception of deprivation, I KNOW that that is an issue where I am concerned. To some degree, I fight a constant sense that there might not be "enough" at some time--especially with regard to food. I've ALWAYS been that way, yet never done without it.

  3. To simplify the quote even more. "eat to live, don't live to eat".
    For me it's definitely mental. Once you get a little success it's momentum. Like getting over your mental hump running or doing V02 snatches. It actually gets easier to resist that dessert or extra portion.