Monday, February 1, 2010

What Percentage Frowns?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The hubby and I made a short trip to Wal-Mart the other night, not something we do very often. We purposely avoid Wal-Mart (probably not a subject you want to get me started on) as much as we can, but sometimes living in a small town limits our options for acquiring specific goods and we are left with no option. Certainly, both of us going to Wal-Mart at the same time is virtually unheard of, so when we found ourselves together there the other night, we had an opportunity for some interesting conversation.

For an interesting anthropological experience, go to a Wal-Mart during a busy time and count the number of smiles you see on faces and the number of frowns you see. Though I've noticed that more people frown than smile pretty much everywhere (interestingly enough even in amusement parks), the percentage of frowns at Wal-Mart that night was staggering.

As we were getting what we needed, I felt the weight of worry and unhappiness beginning to settle on me just from being around these people. They were down-trodden, weary, miserable people. They argued amongst their groups. They ambled aimlessly through the store as if they had nothing better to do. Initially I smiled in greeting as I came up to people, but after the umpteenth "WTF?" look I got, I gave that up. I looked at the hubby and said, " I'm pretty sure the happiness could get sucked right out of us if we stayed here too long." He agreed. For an hour or so after we left, we talked about how surrounding oneself with misery invites misery. Part of fitness is happiness, and part of being happy is making a conscious effort toward being happy. We can choose to go to places and do things that feed our good spirit, or we can go places and do things and be around people who require sustained effort to be happy around, who virtually suck the happiness right out of us. I am coming to realize that choosing the happy places is not only okay but necessary. Fitness not only comes with good nutrition and exercise but also with the sunshine of happy faces and the comfort of pleasant surroundings to feed our souls.

Feeding our souls at home is our new addition to the family, Luna, our German Shepherd Puppy. She is ten weeks old, and we brought her home last Wednesday.

Big sister is NOT convinced that she is a "happy" addition. LOL
3 rounds of:
double 16kg c&P x 3, squat x 2, double 20kg deadlift x 3, rest 1 min
20kg C&P 1/1 x 2, Goblet squat x 3, rest 1 min
5 rounds of:
Black and purple band assisted pullups x 2, perfect pullup x 2
5 Rounds of assisted pullups x 3, pushups x 3
10 12kg tgu, alternating sides.
FRIDAY: 550 20Kg swings in ~31min


  1. You have to be the one that smiles. I made the cashier's day one time by asking how she was doing and having a conversation with her. She was actually working at walmart so she could pay her college tuition. That was refreshing to me that in this world looking for handouts, someone was working for her goal.
    One of the benefits of living in FL is seagulls. Next time you go to walmart buy the biggest hardest loaf of bread you can find in the deli. On your way out unrap it and show it to a seagull and then toss it under a car close to the front door. It's awesome to see 1000 seagulls come from nowhere and attack a car. It will stop traffic and you will probably learn some new words from those frowning people. Be sure to park as far toward the end as possible so you can avoid the traffic jam.

  2. OMG, That's hilarious! Brilliant!
    I do smile, btw. It just seems to take WAY more effort there where so few people smile back. Sometimes, though, you're right, you can tell it catches someone at just the right time and lifts them ever so slightly.