Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here lately I have been dealing with what I think is some pyriformis syndrome on my right side. I think it is a result of my right leg dominance and its tendency to overpush the left leg. What started it was using the flutter kick while doing my cave diving training. The chiropractor had straightened it out, but I've exacerbated it again. I'm pretty sure one of the bases for the aggravation was my tendency to overpush with my right leg in the swing and snatch. If I don't pay very good attention when I do these exercises, my hips will hitch slightly back to the left at the bottom of the swing instead of hitching back to center.

One of the things that I have been trying in an effort to overcome this tendency is practicing my swings and snatches with my eyes closed. It is allowing me to take the focus off where I'm looking and off what my head is doing and focus more on how things are feeling, where my hips are, how my body is lining up. Part of why this works is it takes away the proprioceptive (where in space the different parts of my body are) feedback of the eyes and forces me to use the proprioceptive feedback from my joints. In a sense, I am feeling my joints better because I am depending on their information since I no longer have the info coming from my eyes. I feel the groove of the motion better, the placement of my traps and shoulders, the tightness of my lats, the snap of my hips, the drawing up of my quads and hams. I'm liking this addition to my practice.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: 12kg VO2Max 80 sets of 7

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: 5 sets of back and purple pullups x 5, 5 perfect pushups, partial pistols x 2.
5 min of 16kg snatches

TUESDAY'S WORKOUT: 650 20kg swings in 33'


SUNDAY'S WORKOUT: 5 rounds of 20kg C&P 2/2 (last rep each side a push press),Perfect pushup x 3, box jumps, rest
20kg snatch5r/3l, 3r/1l (not as many as last time b/c I just wasn't feeling it)
Squat thrust with a jump 30 in 3'5"


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