Sunday, February 7, 2010


We often go through our days on automatic, not taking the time to think about what we're doing. For those of us who read each others' fitness blogs, part of that day is getting in a workout. Many days we just get out there and do it, some of us following a plan laid out days or weeks ago, others just getting out there and playing. At some point, though, almost all of us stand back for a moment and examine why. Occasionally we even get a little reminder of why we get out there regardless of heat, cold, rain, or other discomfort. A dear friend of mine recently got one of those reminders when out of the blue he was called upon to sprint, lift, and otherwise demonstrate his prowess in what for the stranger he was helping may very well have been a life-or-death situation. He likes to say (maybe only half jokingly?) that he trains for when the zombies come. He met his zombie the other night, and he won. He's started me thinking about my zombies and how well I'd measure up. Hmmmm. How about you?

TODAY'S WORKOUT: 550 20kg Swings in a little over 28 minutes.

4 sets of
Double 16kg C&P x 3, Squat x 2, double 20kg dead x 3, rest 1 min, 20kg c&P x 2/2, Goblet squat x 3, double 20kg dead x 3, rest 1 min.
5 sets of black and purple band assisted pullups x 2, perfect pushup x 2, rest 1 min.

FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: 1000 16kg swings in a little over 52 min



An updated picture of the puppy. Check out those Gremlin ears! They are totally awesome.