Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pardon my absence last week. I've been in Tennessee visiting the family. I did stick to my plan as it was laid out, no added salt, no processed starches or sugars, BUT I guess I ate too much of what I did eat because although I had seriously hoped that Mom's dryer had slightly shrunk my clothes, the scale says different now that I am home. This morning I was back up to 171#. Honestly, I'm hoping that there are a few more factors involved with this. (SKIP AHEAD TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH HERE IF YOU'RE A LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT GETTING TOO MUCH INFO). While my periods are slightly irregular, I should be about a week away from a cycle if I estimate based on the number of headaches I'm having, my moodiness, and my decreased strength in my workout today. Also, I'm just not as "regular" when I'm traveling, so I'm thinking a couple of days at home will "get things moving." Maybe I can contribute a couple of those extra pounds to those things and remove them fairly quickly.

I did manage to squeeze in 3 workouts while I was there. You'll see those below. Life was hectic last week--as it will be this week. I'm trying not to beat myself up for my lack of perfection.

MY NEXT GOAL: Now that I have hit that second goal of 2 weeks without added salt or processed starch or sugar, I have to move on to another. This time, if I make it 2 weeks with an average daily calorie intake of 1500, I'll buy the Hobo handbag I want. If not, Mr. Calleo gets his pick of book from Dragon Door.

3 3-rung ladders of C&P with the 20kg. I had to do push-presses on all but the first rep of each rung. Between ladders I did 3 one-legged deadlifts on each side with the 20.
Last week when I did this workout, I did strict presses on the first two reps of each rung. I consistently see this sort of drop off in performance/strength the week before my period. I have been this way for a while and wonder if any other women have noticed the same thing.
I was supposed to do 5 minutes of snatches with the 16kg, but this got jacked up, so it was a wash.

Whatever, the workout sucked, but at least I got one in.

YESTERDAY NO WORKOUT: Last day with Mom and Dad then spent all night driving back to FL.
SATURDAY: 1000 16kg swings

FRIDAY: Squat-thrust with a jump/16kg swing pyramid
start with 20 STJ's and 10 swings, work down to 2 and up to 100


MONDAY'S WORKOUT: Bodyweight workout with pushups and partial pistols because my brother didn't bring the bell over.

SATURDAY NO WORKOUT: Traveling to Louisville.
Now for a little eye candy...


  1. wow. i didn't know buying me books was part of the accountability plan. in all honesty, i would prefer you get the handbag.

  2. Wait wait.. When are you going to be in Louisville?

  3. Cristine: Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment. Congrats on your own good work. I mosied on over to your place for a gander.:)

    Anthony: You are ALWAYS a source of accountability and motivation, but in planning to reward myself, if I hold myself accountable to a friend, via a promise to self and to them, I do better. If I were to say I was going to donate to an organization that I am not fond of, I think I would just not send the money. I will do my best NOT to bug out on people I think highly of, however.

    Chris: I was in Louisville for a grand total of like 4 hours about 10 days ago. I flew in then rode with my nephew and his wife to TN. It was my way of getting more quality time with them and seeing their new home. (You're coming up on the accountability train, BTW. :) )

  4. Yeah, we never got our pullup videos done. With as much time as I spent sick (still runny nose and coughing) since I challenged you, I haven't been able to work out. If you could do one, you could beat me right now.

  5. Believe it or not, I actually got weaker during the last month, I think. Jeez. This is ridiculous.

  6. I'd say lets try again, but I've got until May 1st to have other goals completed. Things that need to be in place for my Dan test.

  7. For another time... Going up a Dan will be awesome, though.

  8. Yeah, it's only taken 23 years to get this far. First Dan test. It was supposed to be December, but I was missing a couple of forms, and refused to test without them.

  9. I would be that way too. That really is an admirable accomplishment, Chris.