Saturday, December 4, 2010

New "Toy"

For today's EEW workout, I got to take advantage of the half mile trail the dh had pushed through the woods while I was gone to TN. (Our neighbor has a Bobcat and gives us a great deal on work done with it.) It's about 4 feet wide and winds a path through the woods, starting at the front right side of the yard and ending in the back left side of the yard. Before he had this done, I was just running the perimeter of the 10 acre property. This is so much more interesting and fun! Luna loves it, too. During dinner last night, we were talking about placing workout stations along it at intervals. I know I want another pullup bar along it somewhere, but I'll have to think about what others I want... Any suggestions?

I have found myself with some pretty serious cravings the last couple of days. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I've ended up eating a bit too much salt (on nuts and beef jerkey) as a compensation. I guess we'll see what that does to the weigh in later today. Overall, I've felt pretty out of sync this week. Not sure if it's a result of the travel or if it's just a general "funk." Hopefully it'll be short-lived, though.


  1. We have a heavily wooded lot that our house rests on which is just under 2 acres and to have someone "carve" a running path through it would be an awesome Christmas present!!! Oh, I'm jealous of your trail. I would totally then add other fun things to it as well, like sandbags, sleds and kb's!! I can see it now, running along and coming up to different stations to then do some lifting, pressing, or squating or whatever.....I'm excited just thinking about it! I now need to get the hubby to read this post and give him an idea!! Plus today we're getting our first "measurable" snow fall which to me means getting the snowshoes strapped on and dragging some kb's around on my homemade (my Christmas present 2 years ago from the hubs!)KB sled!!
    Thanks! Enjoy your path-would love an update on how it turns out!! And some pics!

  2. Yep, you DEFINITELY need to talk to the hubby about a trail. I am really diggin' this one. I'll definitely be using the sandbags and the step box and strategically placed bells, but I'll have to put them out before the workout then take them back up for the next one (good thing we've got a Teryx to do that with!). I'm thinking I also want some permanent stations, but I can't decide what to make those. :/