Sunday, January 8, 2012

Plan. Execute. Adjust.

I suppose I have officially weathered yet another holiday season since I head back to work tomorrow after two weeks away. I got to go home to TN for several days, our first Christmas without my dad. Christmas is typically a quagmire of guilt for me, filled with "should haves," and "if only I were mores..." but this year I gave myself permission to simply show up and be satisfied with that. And it was enough. I did my best to sit in the moments and appreciate and be thankful for them, to breathe and not pay too much attention to the elephant who was not in the room while honoring him in my own way.

I ate a few too many things that weren't planned over the last couple of weeks. In retrospect, I went into those weeks without a definite plan of action. Not the wisest move ever...but I'll count it as not having been an entire loss as long as I come away having learned a lesson. That lesson is to "Plan the dive. Dive the plan." I would never get in the water without a plan, so why does it somehow make sense to me to approach a day without a plan?

Plan. Plan. Plan. Execute. Execute. Execute. Adjust as needed.

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