Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a busy week this week! Four BUSY nights at work, week one of mentoring with LE, a 4 hour webinar, baby showers, dinners with friends and all the other "stuff" that is life.

Despite the busy-ness, I was able to keep up with the forums pretty well, and already this group of lean eaters is started to coalesce. They are a bright, strong group of women who are going to be quite inspiring, and I get the impression from some of the other mentors that the other group is the same way. What fun this year is going to be!

Today's thoughts have been about self-imposed limits and the following of guidelines. How many times do we not try something or not start something because we don't think we can do it? What could we accomplish if we started anyway and gave it hell? How many times do we give up because someone says we don't have the right credentials? What could we do if we proved to others credentials aren't always something we can put on a piece of paper or in an email? Certainly life sometimes isn't fair. Often it's not a fairytale, but more often than not, we defeat ourselves before the game even starts. I'm just as guilty of this as the next gal...or I have been in the past. But times...they are a-changin'.

Luna helps me pay attention to the webinar:


  1. Not sure if it's my age or what, but I'm done defeating myself up. I've spent the last 6-8 months worrying over crap I have absolutely NO control some help pulling my head out of my ass and moving on!
    Work for me has been super busy too lately. No signs of it coming to an end either. Health care is getting more and more physical and stressful every shift I work....

  2. I guess it's just health care in general, Diana. It's been NUTS here. The hospital has been completely full for weeks now, and people just keep pouring in. I really don't know where it's going to go from here.

  3. We are having such a "bounce-back" issue lately because the hospital is discharging people way too early just to make room for those waiting to come in! I see NO end in sight....some hospitals in our area are laying off due to low census, just don't get it. But people are waiting until they are near dead to come in, so lots of those smaller hospitals can't handle those cases and they come to us. Oh well....we move on!