Sunday, November 2, 2008

Low Light Work

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Off, in FL

The initial plan for this vacation was to jet off to Vegas, but as we are wont to do, we changed our minds and find ourselves in northern Florida. Our first full day here found us at nothing less than a Mormon church "trunk or treat" function--yep us at a Mormon church function, go figure. We were a little more in our element the next night at the National Association of Cave Divers Halloween function. Though the hubby knew plenty of people there, I only knew a couple, so I took the chance to practice my low-light camera skills.

The pic below is of a pumpkin carved with a line marker, a plastic or aluminum marker that is placed on cave line to point the direction out of the cave.

Here the hubby sits with our new friends Ric and Leslie. Ric is a horse masseur, and Leslie is a retired hyperbaric nurse. They both are cave divers.

Saturday we went to Ichetucknee State Park and did a bit of hiking. I snuck a quick pic while we were on the trail...
Today we went to eat Sunday lunch with Wayne's dad Earl and stepmom Jeanne. They are wonderful folks and the dinner was fantastic. The entertainment was Earl's "rockhound" dachshund Velvet who retrieves rocks. She was crazy.
4 rounds of 4 reps of each with a minute of rest between each round.
Double 16kg C&P
Double 16kg squat
Double 16kg KB Burpee
Double 16kg renegade row

4 rounds of 15 Double 16kg swings with 30sec of rest between rounds

2 rounds of the following with a 12kg with 90 sec of rest b/w rounds... I need to be doing this with the 16, but my right 4th digit still won't tolerate it, so I just put this at the end of my workout instead of the beginning and do it with the 12.

30sec of each starting on the right...
Highpull alternating with snatch
figure 8 to a hold and end working on the left
high pull alternating with a snatch.

MaxVO2 with the 12kg.
This should be snatches, but again, that damn finger's jacking me up, so I did a couple of rounds with snatches then switched to swings, doing them as much as I could with one-handed ones.
Went for 60 rounds.

5 rounds of the following for time which today was 23'05"...
Double 16kg bent row (would usually be assisted pull-ups, but since I am out of pocket, it was rows)
Box jumpsx5
pushups x 5
pistols 1/1
hindu pushups x 8
jumping lunge x 20

Then..16kg TGU AMAP in 15 min = 20 today as it was outside which always slows me down.


  1. It's been a long time... but I miss diving now. I miss the night dives. The under water pumpkin carving (wait I never did it, just watched). The sound of your breathing and bubbles. Diving for fun, where a dive could last an hour because you dive buddy isn't in a hurry. Isn't trying to build his numbers with a bunch of 20 minute dives so he can have enough dives to get a cert.

    I miss the going to see what is there aspect. The solitude and having to talk using just the hands.

    I miss the swimming in the wreck, in a group of three, and losing your buddy because he made a turn, and your other buddy is claustrophobic so he doesn't want to follow the first one. (Rick had over 200 dives so I wasn't too worried about him. Tom had a lot less and was apprehensive about the dive to start with, no question who you're sticking with on that dive).

    I miss hanging out at the dive shop talking bs with friends for hours on end. I miss almost all of it.

  2. There really just is something about it that is indescribable. It one of the most relaxing things I've ever experienced. And the comradery of divers is just as unique, though I'm still getting used to the personalities of cave divers.