Friday, January 23, 2009

Damage Control

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Work 6p-8a--160.5#

All things considered, I really shouldn't be disappointed that my weight this morning was 4 pounds higher than it was when we left for Florida 10 days ago. Though I kept my workouts going, I ate everything that didn't threaten to eat me first, and that "everything" was a bunch of junk. I would not have been surprised to see 165 on the scale, honestly. I would really like to understand why I gain weight so unbelievably easily and have such a difficult time losing it. Regardless, I do, so I might as well just deal with it. As we approach the time to make the move, I am having increasingly frequent spaz-out spells, and my biggest concern is "dealing" with it in such a way as not to gain any further weight. Ideally, I'd like to at least get back to 157# before we leave, but not gaining any more weight will do.

WORKOUT: 5 4-rung ladders of pullups assisted with the green band and pushups.
4 2-rung ladders of assisted pull-ups
20kg tgu's 1/1 x 4
20kg tabata swings

Until today, I was feeling pretty good about those pullups. On that first rung of the first ladder I decided to see how far I could get without a band. I just knew I'd get about half-way--yeah, bout half way of an inch. GD! I'm such a puss! And as strong as my pushups felt last week, they suck now. I feel like I'm just beating my head against a wall.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: We had stopped in Birmingham on the way home because we were both just too worn out to keep going. Instead of digging the ice-cold bells out of the back of the truck, I decided to get on the treadmill and see what my time for a mile would be. Turns out it's 11.5 minutes (yeah, I'm built for distance, not for speed). I'd like to see this get down to 9 minutes by July. I spent the rest of 30 minutes on the elliptical machine set to random.

TUESDAY'S WORKOUT: None, headed out from FL for TN.

MONDAY'S WORKOUT: 5 3-rung ladders of 16kg C&P/alternated with double bent rows.
5 2-rung ladders of double 16kg squats.
5 rounds of 30 sec 16kg snatches R, 30 sec snatches L, 30 sec rest.
This workout SUCKED. I had to work like hell to get it done.


  1. I applaud you for actually putting your weight in your blog -- how is that for accountability?

    Also, if you want to improve your mile time, dare I suggest the following:
    * HoC, this will incorporate running into your program while not being boring as heck.
    * The mile is all about Lactic Acid resistance - try interval sprints or on the minute swings (sets of 10-20, depending on weight)

  2. Thank you, Faizal, for stopping by my little part of cyperspace. I like your thoughts and think I'll be taking you up on them.

  3. I agree with Faizal, kudos for you honesty and your work. Think of the little extra weight as fuel waiting to burn. :)

    Keep pushing!

  4. I'm with Faizal, keep cramming more swings and less rest into 10 minutes and that 1mile time will come down. Enter a 5k one saturday (it's a charitable contribution in most cases) and see how fast you run with some adrenaline from the crowd. I try to run one per month. I started at 30 min a few years ago and I ran one this month at 22:08. I'm pushing for sub 20.