Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice, Lots of It

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apparently even Mother Nature wants to send us off in style because she set about with a spectacular display a couple of nights ago. Unfortunately, we live in an area that seldom gets cold weather precipitation unless it's in the form of ice. Not snow. Ice. All I could think as it got colder and colder and the trees became more and more laden with ice was, "Two more weeks to warm weather." :) Though the move is tugging at my heartstrings in many other ways, the change in weather is certainly something I'm looking forward to.

In light of our hopefully never having to brave another icestorm, I at least got out and earned some frozen toes getting some pics. I hope you enjoy them.
Abbie thought the cold stuff was great! She was actually more playful than I think I've ever seen her.
Here's the courthouse where we're living now. Unfortunately, this picture just doesn't do justice to the sparkle.

One of the docs with whom I work is the son of the "son." This place is an icon of Southern small town life. Kind of like Wynn Dixie in Because of Wynn Dixie (which, btw, is where I'll be shopping in Florida).
Another Southern cold Coca-Cola. HA! I couldn't resist. Get it?

The neighbor's back yard was pretty awesome, too.

Double 16kg C&P/Bent Row 5 ladders of 3 with 30 sec b/w rungs and 2 min b/w ladders.
Double 16kg squat 5 ladders of 2 with same rest scheme.
5 rounds of 30sec snatch R, 30 sec snatch L, 30 sec rest.
The swing/squat thrust ladder for time which actually wasn't very good.


  1. Hey, Jennifer. That last photo I have as my wallpaper, hope you don't mind.

    The silhouette of the tree gives me a real sense of foreboding, the type of tree from a nightmare maybe, you would half expect it to come alive, grab you, and tear you apart.

    Also, the contrasting backlight through the ice really chills me right to the core.
    A brilliant photo.

    They are all very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Thank you so much, guys! It pleases me, Marty, that you have it on your desktop. Taking pics gives me such pleasure and knowing that someone else finds pleasure in my work as well makes me even happier.