Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nothing like trying on clothes to remind a person how far they have to
go. Add to that the trauma of bathing suit shopping and, well, let's
just say a lil mojito is my friend. And no, I wasn't seriously
considering that little bikini on the wall.
The mirrors of the hotel's gym were a wake up call this morning too. I
love working out outside & away from other people but I can see some
advantage to working out with the feedback of mirrors on occasion. You
know, I feel strong & fit so I don't see myself as chubby as I am.
Occasionally, a mirror is a necessary reality check. (: The RV is
relatively mirror-free.:)


  1. actually, I think you look fine in the picture. Healthy and woman like. I don't think you look chubby at all.

    But that's just me, some guy on the internet, take it for what you want.

  2. Kind words from a friend, Chris. Thank you.

  3. From just another guy on the 'net (the guy who told you about my dad and "have you ever personally known anyone who starved to death?")

    You look great. Just know that!

  4. Dittos on what the guys said. Bikinis are overrated. Being strong and healthy is fun! Less mirrors -- more kettlebells -- how's that for a mantra?!

  5. I remember that I already said you were cute, and you still are.

    If you don't like those bikinis, you can live your life Off The Wall.

    Lame? yes.