Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unexpected Setback

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off-weight unknown.

I'm sorry I've been a bit sparse the last couple of weeks. The hubby and I got back from Orlando where we had a fantastic time and I immediately turned around and took a flight to Tennessee to see Mom and Dad. Things began to take a serious downturn there. I thought my feeling bad that first day home was just a result of a horrible day of traveling until I spiked a fever that night. The next week has been a blur of which I have only scattered recollection. I have never been so sick. I really thought I had N1H1 flu, having gotten it from some of the many, many people we were around in Orlando. I went to see a local doc who chalked my illness up to bronchitis but swabbed me for N1H1 just in case for CDC purposes (a test that takes a week to result). And Saturday night I came to Nashville to hang out in preparation for my flight home Sunday morning. Welll.....I didn't quite make it. Instead, I ended up in the emergency department where we found full infected lobes in 2 of the 5 lobes of my lungs. They admitted me for a couple of days and now I feel like a new woman. The doc recommended though, that I not start working out again for at least another week to give my lungs a chance to heal more. I can already tell that I am significantly weakened from the last week's ordeal and another week down will put me that much further behind. I'll take it easy, though, and try to learn from the recovery so that I can help others with similar situations in the future. Maybe, it'll be something we can all learn from.


  1. You're always stronger after a rest. Be patient and get well.

  2. Yes, be patient. Any type of infection with the lungs or respiratory system is not something that you can work through.

    Working through it makes a bad situation worse.

    Get well....

  3. Get better and come back to see us in the ER soon!

  4. Sorry to hear that, try to enjoy the rest. You'll be able to come back stronger once you are up and running.