Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009
First day back to work in a while--156#

I've still not resumed my workouts since being down with pneumonia, but on my way out the door this afternoon, going to work, I picked up the 20kg to see if I could still press it. It was nowhere near going up on the right, but went up on the left. I tried again this morning when I got home and neither side would make it go. The cool of the morning made a difference, though. Before work when I tried it, the muggy heat of the afternoon sucked my breath away and I was quite winded for a while afterward--even with just one press attempt on each side. This morning, breath wasn't so much of an issue. I think I'll begin to do some sort of workout, though I'm sure it'll be quite a step back from where I was, in a day or two. I'm antsy and anxious to be moving again.

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