Friday, September 25, 2009

Merging Passions

September 24, 2009

I have been comtemplating taking my camera gear to the upcoming Hardstyle Ventura workshop and offering to do some photography work for the other RKC's there. Since I hadn't had a fellow girevik to use as a subject, I wanted to beg someone into being my guinea pig for use not only as a learning experience for me, but also as an example of what I'd have to offer those who might be interested in having some photos done. Fellow RKC Jon Alford and I have been working on getting together for a workout for a few months now, so when it looked like we'd be able to get together, I asked if he'd be sport enough to be my guinea pig. Not only was he sport enough, but he also was willing for me to share them with the world. Here are some of the results. To see the rest of what we got, check out

I really had a great time working out with Jon and his former client Gonzalo. Being a self-motivator has its advantages, but sometimes it's fun to be with others of a similar mindset. I'm sure it would be an amazing motivator to have folks like that around all the time.
5 Rounds of:
20kg C&P 1/1, 20kg C&PP 1/1, 12kg C&BUP 2/2
Perfect Pushups x 3 (Yes, I know that's totally wimpy, but it's mine and I'll own them)
20kg Walking lunges x 12
double 20kg deads x 7
High plank x 30 sec
rest x 2 min
16kg Tabata snatches--5 per set
30 Challenge Burpees in 3'58"
YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: 12kg VO2Max--76 rounds, the first 40 rounds were 7 reps, then I dropped to 6 reps for rounds 41-55, then I dropped to 5 reps. When I hit 4 reps at round 76, I just put the bell down. Hopefully I'll get back up to 80 soon. :(
12 challenge burpees
TUESDAY'S WORKOUT: Pullups/pushups, pistol work, burpees. See similar workout below. I'm still on 3 5-rung ladders.


  1. You should make your subject smile more! Thanks for the pics. Enjoyed working out with you and sorry I can't make the seminar by the river.

  2. Yep, Em chastised me for just that same thing earlier. I'm gonna have to find a happy medium of serious pics and pics that look more relaxed.

  3. I was just kidding b/c I looked like a grump. You don't want to look too nice! I like the fact that you know when to take the pic, like on the get up.
    Is the 20kg going up on both sides yet?
    Remember: If you want to press more, you have to press more - Kenneth Jay

  4. Nice. I like the b & w pics...the contrast between the solid darks, light texture of the t-shirt, and softness of the grey sky and the perspective.

  5. These shots turned out so good! You should definitely go with this idea. :)

  6. Stephen--Thank you!

    David--Me too!!! :)

    Lyndsay--Thank you. I am always flattered when you stop by.