Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RKC Orlando

Back from a great weekend! Being around other fitness-minded people is so nice for a while--especially when they are fitness minded but not full of themselves but instead all about teaching others the way of fitness. This RKC in Orlando was held at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex where they took great care of us. Fortunately they had a huge tent under which we were able to do the majority of the things we did. We had a great group not only of Team Leaders and Assistants but also of candidates. I had the honor of having Brett Jones be my team leader and Ryan Blackburn and Antonia Cordova be my fellow assistants.
I was able to get all my workouts in despite being out of pocket for a few days. I also got in all my veggies even though I wasn't able to eat exactly every 3-4 hours. I did get in 4-5 feedings per day; they just weren't spaced exactly right.
Here are some shots from the weekend. I have to admit. I am a bit disappointed with how I look, but I keep repeating my mantra, "I am lighter and leaner every day." I did this a lot this weekend as I frequently had feelings of inadequacy looking around at all the athletic beautiful women. And I am truly lighter and leaner. I had a 2 pound weight loss when I weighed in this week.
Oh! I almost forgot to mention my new acquisitions from the weekend: another 20kg bell AND 2 24 kg kettlebells, my heaviest yet.
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