Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today is my first night back to work for a four day stretch, after a glorious 3 days off. I slept well today then got up for a great workout. I'm "greasing the groove" a little bit with turkish get-ups for my RKC retest next week, so I did a few of those. Then I got to the meat of the workout with swings, snatches, and burpees. Felt good.Yesterday's upper body workout was solid as well. I pushed my weights up on a few of the exercises as compared to last week. I've decided that I need to err on the side of heavier at first because I surprise myself with what I am able to do. Once I pick the weight up, I'm much more apt to go on with it. I can always back down if needed to hit the reps on the next round.Today is day two of keeping a detailed food journal for Krista. I'll turn three days of that in day-after-tomorrow for evaluation and hopefully some ass-kicking recommendations. I've been eating well today,but for some reason I have stayed hungry all day. Stayed on track, though

I almost forgot to mention the highlight of my night!When I got to work tonight, one of my friends who is fit and gorgeous (can I just tell you she is 6 feet of blonde, volleyball-playing gorgeous) told me my "ass looks scrumptious in those pants." I had to ask her if she was making fun of my pants because I was afraid they were too tight. But after she assured me she wasn't, I was SO tickled! husband didn't happen to notice as I left......


  1. In defense of husbands every where.
    ME-Wow baby your lookin good today.
    Wife- Thanks baby!
    Wife- (after long pause) What exactly about me looks good?
    Me- Your ass is lookin good in those pants today!
    Wife - Thanks I just bought them on sale at ( at this point I zone out) yesterday.
    Wife- Wait, are you saying my ass looks fat every other day and you don't say anything?
    Me- Shit.

  2. Ashley, That's some funny shit. Especially b/c I hear it in each of your voices and with Shelby's inflection and faces.