Friday, May 22, 2009

My New Toy

I did my first workout on my new TRX today--on the road. Didn't have
to cart around 35# of Kettlebell through the airports (which I've done
multiple times). I'm impressed so far--loving it. More pics & details
when I get back home.


  1. I LOVE my TRX!!! I'm so glad you have one too!

  2. JenB,
    I've been an avid TRX user since April of this year, and I absolutely love it!! Have you tried Cosgrove/Quelch/Berardi's 8-week TRX metabolic conditioning routine? You'll love it (and can easily sub KB exercises for some of the strength routines). Shoot me an email if you want a copy of it.
    Hope all is well!!