Monday, May 18, 2009

Time Suck

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Work 8p-8a--161#

Of the 60 hours that I was off, I slept 30.5 of them. Today, before work, I slept 13.5 hours! I having extreme difficulty dragging my butt out of bed. As the time to get up approaches, I just lie there or hit the snooze--not so much because I feel like I need more sleep but more because I am enjoying just lying in bed, dozing in and out of consciousness. So I lie there,doing just that, until the very last possible second that I can get out of bed and still accomplish my first necessary task of the day. I think part of the issue is that nothing better beckons to me, calling me away from the bed. I need to fix this. It is a colossal time suck, and goodness knows there are plenty of things I could be doing other than lying around in bed. What a waste! My goal is to limit myself to one snooze daily on the days that I work (I don't use an alarm the other days), and when I go home in the morning, I'll leave one alarm in the living room--that whole 15 feet from my bed, LOL, and set it for 9 minutes after the one in my bedroom, right about the time my first snooze should go off.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: Because of aforementioned sleeping issues, I only had about 15 minutes to workout. Here's what I did...
3 Rounds of:
2 20kg Snatches R/L
2 20 kg C &PP R/L
5 20kg Reverse Lunge R/L
5 Burpees (including push-up atthe bottom)
Plank 30 sec
Rest 90 sec I forgot the plank on the first round. Took me 19'45"

12kg VO2 Max w/o: 80 sets, hitting 8 reps through the first 40 and 7 reps for the rest.

FRIDAY: NO WORKOUT Woke up with a migraine. I've been having more of these lately.

THURSDAY'S WORKOUT: Overslept and didn't get one in before work, so I took a 16 with me and did the Essentials test once at work. It felt good, and I didn't have to set the bell down at all.

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