Friday, May 1, 2009

Critique the Arch Nemesis

Friday, May 1, 2009 (Wasn't I just amazed yesterday that it was April?)

As I have mentioned numerous times before, my arch nemesis is pushups. I just can't quite seem to get the groove of them. Not only will my numbers not go up like I want them to, but I just never feel like I'm doing them right. They're never... comfortable. A precious friend of mine offered to critique them via the net, so I thought I'd just post the video here for a free-for-all slam on my push-up. Any suggestions appreciated.

Jen Push Ups from Marc Bryan on Vimeo.

3 round without rest for time...
Assisted pullups with purple and black bands
Assisted pistols 2/2
Run around the yard (amounts to about 100-125 yards)
pushups x 30sec
Run around the yard
Hanging leg raises x 30 sec (ended up being ~20 sec b/c my arms gave out)
Run around the yard
Low plank x 30sec
Run around the yard

20kg TGU 3/3

I liked this workout. BUT I think I'll had some box jumps or more pistols next time. I didn't feel like my legs got quite enough work.

NUTRITION: Today is my first day totally with the Zone program. I AM STARVING! Wierd thing is, I haven't eaten things that much differently from what I usually do, and my caloric intake is about the same--proportions are what they're supposed to be. I'm hoping that means my metabolism is firing overtime. :)


  1. im calling you tomorrow to discuss this

  2. Hi Jen,
    some tips:
    a) try to get your spine in a neutral position and maintain that posture. i.e. same posture as if you were standing straight. You're not in neutral spine position in the video.
    b) find a spot two feet in front of you and use it as a visual focus, this will keep your cervical spine in a more neutral to slightly extended position which is helpful. Think "tip of your nose to the floor/ground" rather than chest, or place a small ball under your sternum as use that as a target, lightly touching the ball. Eliminate the ball to increase range of motion.
    c) alter your hand placement: move your hands a little closer to your body at the nipple line (draw a line across your chest, lower sternum across nipples) so your elbows track down 45 degrees from your shoulders.
    d) pack your shoulders. i.e. exactly the same as you would for holding a kb in the rack position.
    e)draw in your navel, squeeze your glutes and quads. create tension in your body from the center outward and push through the ground.
    f) grip the floor/ground with your fingetips as you push up. Create tension through your forearms.
    g) at first these techniques will make the push up seem harder, but in the long run, you'll get stronger and the movement will become more efficient.
    h) try not to think of push ups as your 'nemesis'. They are just another drill to master. The kb snatch is more difficult. If you can do that, you can ace push ups.
    i) all that being said, you're doing fine and your strength is commendable! Refinement through practice will yield mastery. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow... all I had was you need to lift your head (I have the same problem) otherwise they didn't look that bad. Way better than most of the people I do pushups with. (Kids and some "adults"). I'll try to get video of people doing push-ups at karate this week and show you what I mean.

  4. I agree with Stephen. The form is not bad. I found packing my shoulders, bringing my hands closer to my body, and lifting my chin so I am looking up a little have really helped.

  5. Thank you everyone for the recommendations! Steve, I'll be playing that response in my head as I do pushups from here on out. :)

  6. In addition to the great advice you have received, also experiment with the angle of your hands with your body. Different strokes for different folks.