Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Off My Game

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You know you have them...those times when you're just not quite in the game. You're two seconds behind the guy you're supposed to be guarding. Or you realize you should have been in the right lane because your turn is 20 yards away and traffic is a bear. You're trying to find a solution to a problem at work, but your mind just will NOT stay focused. You're in lala land. You're not sure exactly where that is, but you're certainly not the frik where you're supposed to be.

So if you find me out there somewhere, will you please tell me to go the hell home?


Because of late I have been seriously "off" in my own personal game of life, just going through the motions trying to keep my piece on the board. Every moment I feel as if I can't truly live and enjoy that moment because I am too worried about arranging and being prepared for the next moment. As I think about that, I realize there's yet another thing that I've not done and create another browser tab so I can send an e-mail in preparation for my trip back to Tennessee next week. Sailing off into the sunset sounds better every day.

Often my one saving grace to the insanity in other parts of my world is my workouts. That 15 or 30 or 60 minutes is mine, no one else's. It serves it's purpose as it focuses me and brings progress in at least one aspect of my life. Lately, though, I'm floundering even there. Again, I am feeling like I have no direction to my workouts, like I'm taking off in too many directions at once and getting nowhere. I looked back at my workout log for the last few months and all I could see was stagnation. I've been working on the 3 4-rung double 16kg press ladder for about 2 months now...What's that all about?! I can't seem to get my nutrition under control. I'll have 2 or 3 good days then 2 or three bad ones, and just hope that of that 2 or 3, one isn't completely dismal enough to totally negate the good ones in one day, leaving a net of 1 or 2 bad ones. As a result, my weight continues to hover 10 pounds heavier than 6 months ago, the same weight I was this time last year. The only comfort in that scenario is that I am neither weaker nor fatter than I was this time last year. That, however, is substantial comfort.

The last time I felt this lost in my workouts I went to work with Mr. Whitley for some direction. Unfortunately, not an option this time. GRRR.

Now that I've sat here with my laptop, well, on my lap, as I played with my callouses for about 20 minutes, I realize that I should just go to bed. That seems to be my solution for everything here lately.

WORKOUT: I slept a few hours after work and got up with only a few minutes to throw a workout in before meeting the hubby for some dinner with his client. So I did AOS Essentials 2 times thru with the 16kg, 3 minutes in between rounds. The first round I didn't set the bell down, but the second one I set is down twice for 30 seconds each time (mostly b/c if it weren't a derivative of 30 sec I would have lost my timer). The first time was after the cleans on the right and the second was after the squats on the left. Oh, and BTW, I left out the TGU at either end.

After I post this, I'm doing 3 rounds of 5 perfect push-ups each, from the knees.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: I decided I'm going to be working some more with the 20kg. I'm going to press that wench before my birthday in August. Happy frikkin' birthday to me! So here's what I'm doing a couple of days a week...
20kg snatch 2/2
20kg C&PP 2/2
20kg reverse lunge 5/5
4 perfect push-ups from the knees (b/c I'm a total frikkin' wimp and have to do them from the knees. I'll be getting something here shortly to start doing them from an elevated position.)
Plank x 30 sec.

For 3 rounds. 1 min b/w rounds.
This was supposed to be followed by some 16kg snatches, but I ran outta time.

SUNDAY'S WORKOUT: Took the day off. My traps gave me a good cussing all day Saturday, and were finishing up the filibuster today. It would have been my 4th day in a row anyway, so I didn't think it would hurt to take it off.


  1. Hang in there sister, e-mail me when you get a chance, or I'll try to call you. You still have some momentum, do NOT quit.

  2. I don't think that your problems are motivation or effort, it has to do with approach. I would recommend having someone take a look at your workout logs and/or food log and just get a second set of eyes on it. Sometimes a fresh approach from the outside is what you need.

    Think of it this way, you are looking at the world through a window (we all are) in any window there are blind spots that you don't see but everyone else does. I would recommend getting someone knowledgeable to look at your workouts with a fresh set of eyes and see what they come up with. I guarantee that they will see something that you don't. I did this with a friend (Jamie Munson) that was training for the TSC, and designed 13 weeks of training for him that increase his DL by 60lbs, and increased his pullups and snatches by 2 each (he was already over 120 in the 24kg snatch, so there was not much room to improve).

    As Kenneth Jay always says -- you cannot coach yourself!

  3. just READING about your workouts makes me tired. :)