Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

During my last visit home I took part of a day and spent it with some of our chosen family as we like to call them. "Choosing" family is an artform that my husband has taught me. I am blessed to have a beautiful, amazing, wonderful given family, and I am further blessed with people who have given me the precious gift of their love and friendship. Friendship doesn't cover it though, because these particular guys have chosen to bring us into their world as the godparents of their children. I do miss them dearly. And D is getting SO big!
3 1/2 years old and mean with a bubble gun.
D "shoots" his soon-to-be little sister with bubbles.

WORKOUT: Another one of those days when I was running a little short on time. I had planned to do VO2 Max workout today, but alas I abbreviated it to this instead:
16kg Essentials
Rest 3 min.
5 min of 16kg snatches=71 (No grip aid/socks. Sweat is a bit of an issue at this point.)
Rest 3 min.
30 Challenge Burpees in 4'50"
Black and Purple band assisted Pull ups/Elevated Push-ups
4 4-rung ladders: On the first rung of the first three ladders, I did purple-band (30- 50#) assistance only.
Assisted Pistols: 3 3-rung ladders. Interspersed in the first 3 pulllup ladders.
4 rounds of 30sec of Plank during the last pullup ladder.
30 Challenge Burpees.
...BTW, Mark September 26 open on your calendars. I've got a little bit of news coming soon.

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  1. Looks like you are kickin ass coming back from vacation! Outstanding.