Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glaringly Simple?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
My mom is an amazing woman, one of my best friends. I speak to her on the phone almost daily, to see how her day as been, to tell her I love her, to run things that I've been thinking about past her. I'm not even sure what we were talking about the other day, but as often happens when she and I are talking, something about myself occurred to me. I have a hard time giving up on things. To a fault even. I have this bulldog way of latching onto something and not wanting to turn loose. I think part of me believes that if I just stick things out a little while longer, the problem will be solved and all will be well or I'll magically figure something out and be able to do it, or I'll break through a performance barrier or whatever. For whatever reason, I perpetually think that the light at the end of the tunnel is just around that next turn. Maybe it's whatever inkling of optimism I have left coming out. This quality has gotten me a long way in life and brought me many wonderful things. It has also held me back a few times. I realized today that now is one of those times.

That rut of which I spoke in recent posts is that tunnel through which I have been desperately seeking the light. My rut has been my goals: a pullup, a pistol, pressing the 20 for multiples, snatching the 20 for multiples, working more with the 20 in general, stronger, lighter, and so on and on. I have been fixated on these things for so long, programmed myself around these goals for so long, that I feel like my progress has almost completely stalled from their stand point. I have made progress. I know that. I am snatching the 20 better and easier. I am getting more reps in a 20kg TGU. I am doing more and better pushups (though doing 5 at a go still seems pitiful). I am not at a standstill. I am in a rut.

Time to shake things up.

Purple band-assisted pullups to a flexed-arm hanging hold (15 count, 15 count, 12 count) x 1
Perfect pushups x 5
Rest ....3 rounds

Partial Pistol 2/2, 2/2, 2/2

knee together squat with 3pulses 1/1 x 2

knee together squats x 3....5 rounds

Was going to do 5 minutes of snatches but it started raining cats and dogs, so I did 3 rounds of black and purple band-assisted pullups for 5 then 4 then 4.

I was supposed to do 12kg vo2 max, increasing my reps to 8/round for amap then back down to 7, for a complete 80 rounds, but I jacked up the timer and who knows what happened. I think I maintained the 8 reps for 40 rounds. Workout was about 35 minutes total,but who knows!

MONDAY: no workout

SUNDAY: 20KG c&p, 3 3-rung ladders, had to do push-presses all but the first press.
1leg dead w/16k 3/3


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