Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Measure Progress?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, I ordered my custom Cons: purple with black and white skulls on the inside. I made it a week on "the plan." Step 1 down.
Step 2, no added salt (on top of the "no processed carbohydrates, no sugar" of last week...for 2 weeks. Today makes day 6 of that. I just almost blew it today. I was frustrated, hungry, and didn't feel good. The hubby offered to just go get pizza. And I LOOOOOOVE pizza. Technically I have one splurge meal allowed during that two weeks. Technically this could have been it. Practically, next week I'll be at my parents' house in TN, and Sunday is planned for a big family meal. Practically, there is no way I'll NOT be able to partake in all it has to offer. SO, I kept my promise to myself and stayed on the plan. Week 1 of 2 almost under my belt.
The scale hasn't really budged a whole lot, but I feel some trimming. I didn't measure, but my clothes are fitting some better. That counts. A little anyway.

20kg C&P 3 3-rung ladders. Ladder 1 I had to do a push-press on the very last rep each side. Ladder 2, push-presses on the last 2 reps each side. Ladder 3, push-presses on the last rep each side rung 2 and the last 2 reps each side rung 3.

1-legged dead w/20kg 3/3 x 3

5 min of 16k snatches: 82

YESTERDAY: Was supposed to dive. Fell through. No workout.


Purple band-assisted pulup x 1 w/hold for 15 count
Perfect pushup x 5
...3 rounds
Partial Pistol 2/2 x 3
Knee-together squats w/3pulses 1/1 x 2
Knee-together squats x 3--x5
Piddled around for about 10 mins then did 5 min of 16k snatches and got 101

SUNDAY: NO Workout

SATURDAY: See Today's workout, but with more push presses and less snatches.

FRIDAY: no workout

THURSDAY'S WORKOUT: 20kg Swing/ Squat Thrust with jump Pyramid
starting with 20ST's and 5 swings and going down by 2/5 to 2ST's and 50swings--for time=32'30"

As you can see, I still have trouble fighting the urge to go heavy.


  1. Just keep the scale moving. You've got this rolling, don't let up. When you feel guilty from a cheat meal instead of fulfilled, you're over the hump.

  2. LOL, Jon, "Guilt" is my middle name.

  3. Jennifer -- if you keep this up, you will be around 145 at the RKC cert.

    Cheat meals should feel awesome. Cheat meals are about "treating" yourself, not defeating your diet. Cheat meals are an instinctive feeding, and they should be to your benefit.

  4. Faizal, "if you keep this up, you will be around 145 at the RKC cert."... This was exactly what I needed to hear. While I was seeing little or no progress in tha small picture, you brought the bigger picture into perspective. Thank you.