Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back Jowls

February 24, 2008
Work 6p-8a

Back jowls are those extra folds of skin that overlie the latissimus dorsi, a bane of obesity that I particularly despise. I have seen back jowls on folks the depths of which have not been cleaned in nigh unto a decade. Some people don't like feet, or belly buttons or whatever body part... Back jowls particularly displease me--mostly on the 400 pounders (though I admit gnarly feet kinda get me, too. And I hate phlegm.) So periodically I check to see how close I am to being rid of this nemesis. I am proud to announce they are almost gone. Now they amount to little more than extra wrinkles, like back dimples maybe. And I noticed, too, that my shoulders are almost a nice square right angle. Overall, I'm slowly just becoming less ROUND. I catch glimpses of the possibilities, find myself thinking, "When I hit 140 or 145, this is really going to be nice, or that will be defined quite nicely." "If" is in my vocabulary less and less.

WORKOUT: Today's workout was a Tabata type workout--20 sec of burpees, 10 sec of rest, 20 sec of 16kg swings, 10 sec of rest. Repeat cycle 4 times. Short, sweet...a nice little pick-me-up. It may only last 4 minutes, but it's a butt-kicking four minutes and I love it.

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