Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27, 2008
Work 6p-8a

I went to work out with David yesterday and had a great time. Frankly, got my ass kicked but I needed the endorphin rush. Maybe I'm coming down off it and that's why today has been a particularly hard day. I'm very grumpy...very. As much as anything, I would really like 2 consecutive days off. I'm gonna get really drunk on my one other day off this week which is Friday--alcoholic calories be damned--and maybe that will help some.

Lats are wicked sore today.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: Snatch + Squat with 16kg. AMAP for 15 min. 39 snatches/side. 38 squats.
Rest 5 min.
Pull-ups (assisted) alternated with push-ups. 33 pull-ups, Push-ups 32
Rest 5 min
Tabata with the 24kg (which is a bitch, BTW)

TODAY'S WORKOUT: Snowing like a son-of-a-gun. Swing 30 sec w/ each hand then run for 1 min. Repeat 8 times.

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