Friday, February 22, 2008

An Epiphany for the Hubbie...and Maybe Me, Too

Thursday, February 21, 2008
Work 6p-8a

One of the things that I have been hoping would come of Marc's time in Florida is an awakening for him with regard to his health and fitness. Such awakenings generally occur early in a process, and his has been no exception. I talked to him after his first dive today, and the first thing he said was, "I'm out of shape...and 40 pounds makes a big difference in a dry suit." I think folks don't realize how quickly a sedentary life robs them of strength and vitality, and he doesn't really think about how little physical activity he really does get. Diving has always been easy for him, second nature, so he breezes through the technicalities of it and until recently he was at least fit enough that open water diving was no big deal. When he went through his original cave training, he had worked out specifically for that for weeks in preparation, thus floating through it at the time. Diving is one of his greatest loves, so for a simple open water basin dive to wind him has really opened his eyes. Fortunately, he's been wise enough to delay the water portion of his training until he feels more physically ready. Finally, diving has done in one day what I've been trying 2 years to do.
Meanwhile, I've had a little awakening of my own. After royally flubbing up by letting my 12 kg bell get away, I e-mailed David to ask him what we'd be doing and generally to whine about how temptation is much harder to resist when emotionally taxed from other things. I wrote......."My goal is to limit my dessert consumption to one time each time I get to see him, but I know myself, and my temptation is going to be to say,"oh, woe is me! I'm sitting here alone in this apartment. I miss my husband. I deserve a dessert to keep me company and make me happy." At the time I wrote it, I was proud of myself for my insight into the pathology, for understanding what drives me and my failures, but David set me straight today, noting what I should have seen from the beginning, "That is PLANNING to go off track, plain and simple. It reads like you have already made up your mind to fail." I am slowly realizing that how we word things in our minds is extremely powerful. 9 months ago, my internal dialogue was one of hopelessness. I was a fat girl who was in shape and "tried" to eat right. I am now a fit girl who does eat right and is slowly reaping the rewards. Such a small difference that matters more than I could ever imagine. Now I just have to apply it everywhere.

WORKOUT: Okay, so I am a goober. Here I asked David to rework the plan because I forgot to get that bell and I can't even keep up with what day of the week it is. Until I sat down to plan my workout for tomorrow, I thought today was Wednesday (one of the hazards of working the graveyard shift is never knowing what day it is), so I did Wednesday's workout. Crap. Oh well, I'll get on track tomorrow... maybe.

15 min of as many snatches and squats as I could get in...turned out to be about 62. It's kind of hard to count.
Rest 3 min.
15 min of as many OA rows and C&P's as I could get in...turned out to be 58.

I was supposed to do a tabata thing after this, but apparently on Wednesdays that are really Thursdays, I just ignore that entirely. Oh well.


  1. I'm glad Marc got a wake up call. I can't fit in my dry suit right now, I put on 70 pounds since I bought it. The last time I went diving, I could fit into it, but not wear my dry suit underwear. That's when I decided no more diving until I go way down in weight. Even then I was at 230. (15 lighter than I am now).

    I'm glad to see that diving gave someone else a wakeup call to get into better shape.

  2. Hmmm, yeah, I'm thinking the dry suit without the drysuit underwear would really suck. Dry suit hickies from hell?! Marc told me today he actually popped a seal on his suit which I was afraid would happen with its not fitting well. So I guess his will go to the shop when he mails mine for new booties. Did you use yours for those Great Lakes dives?