Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fix One Thing, Cause Another

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Work 6p-8a

Researchers recently released studies that show that proton pump inhibitors (think Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex) used long term are associated with decreased bone density and subsequently increased incidence of hip fracture in the elderly. This is a classic example of how managing one problem can cause, or contribute to, another. There are many more examples readily available.

As I was listening to the ABC news feature on this yesterday, I was saddened by the thought that most Americans will simply think about how yet another group of medicines has betrayed them. They will fail to learn the most important lesson from this story. If a patient can use behavior and diet modification to cure their illness, any side effects are most likely beneficial as opposed to the adverse effects of many medicines. Often, medicines can even be a short-term adjunct to help alleviate symptoms while other modifications are taking time to taking effect. Too often, patients and physicians alike look at medicine as a permanent addition to a person's life and fail to implement lifestyle changes that could have similar effects--nother product of society's belief that there should be a pill to cure everything.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: Snatchfest. The corkscrew grip is coming along nicely.


  1. i too have recently figured out the corkscrew descent on snatching. it makes a HUGE difference when i use the 24KG.

    i dont know how it happened either. ive never been able to do it and this monday it just sort of happened- like not there then POOF! there. maybe im not doing it right but it feels good and there are no problems with my shoulders so who knows. im sure when i get to see someone who knows what they are doing they are going to destroy ALL of my form on every exercise. its going to a humbling experience.

  2. Anthony,
    I have no doubts that you're doing it correctly. If you weren't with as much weight and volume as you're doing, you'd be beat to hell by now.

  3. A lifelong pill means lifelong profits. It's a business model, not a health model.

    Live well and die suddenly. You gotta have some kind of "kung fu" that gets you up and moving every day. It's not an option.

  4. Ya know, Aaron, it never actually occurred to me that it was a business model. It never has been for me, so I just assumed that everyone else had altruistic motives, too. That sheds a new light on things.

  5. I am terrified of medication, for this exact reason. If I have something that can't be cured by food I guess I will die. Doctors and medication are a fate worse than death. (no offense Jen, I am afraid of all doctors).

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