Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Monday, August 11, 2008
Work 6p-8a

I talk a lot about living each moment to its fullest, however that might be. At first, you just think about things like sunsets, and watching your kids grow and taking time out for visits with family, calling loved ones to let them know you care, etc. But we sometimes overlook the simplest, most brief things like hugs.

I am a hugger. I love them. And I have discovered that a hug can make a huge difference to a person. And someone can tell a lot about you by the way you hug. A firm, close hug, held tightly is the best. It's genuine. It tells the recipient that they matter enough to you for you to stop whatever it is you are doing to devote those seconds just to that person. It tells them that you care, and happily enough, that they don't stink (at least not badly enough for you not to hug them) :). This type of hug can turn a day around or keep you from feeling alone in a world that seems to be caving in. Hugs given quickly with brief little pats on the back tell the recipient that they are receiving an obligatory hug, given out of respect but not given happily enough that a person feels the need to hold on to you. Or they are given by a person uncomfortable with interpersonal contact. One-armed hugs let a person know that they are welcomed, that they are part of the circle that has been opened to let them in. And there are any number of others. But if you think about it, you will see what I mean. Every hug leaves you with an impression. And every hug you give leaves an impression on the other person. Sometimes, when I am particularly down, I want little more than to see a specific couple of my friends. Their hugs always seem to make life better. So I've begun to make every hug count, every hug given
and every hug received. It's just another way of making every moment count.

WORKOUT: Workout 2

6 rounds of
30 sec 8kg split squat R
30 sec 8kg split squat L
deck squats
double 12kg C&P x 30sec
Rest 30 sec.

Then... Double 12kg snatches 30 sec work, 60 sec rest for 10 rounds. I managed to get 9 out of each round except one. Looks like taking the last 2 days off paid off.


  1. As a Minnesotan hugging is a tough one for me... I lived in Hawaii for a while, hugs were the handshake. Yikes! Love the blog Jen!

  2. i have severe personal space issues and problems with people touching me but the THEORY behind what you said sounds comforting, in practice though...

    also wtf is a split squat and how are you push up numbers going? ive got some AWESOME push up variations that i need to figure out how to show you/tell you about.

  3. Fawn,
    So is it the Germanic/Scandanavian background in Minnesota that lends to no hugging? or is that just a Midwestern thing?
    It really tickles me that you like my blog. Thanks for reading.
    BTW, I'm really glad you guys had such a great visit with the Rifs.

  4. Anthony,
    There are those folks with soace issues. And that is certainly okay, too. You're getting a damn hug when I finally make it to Houston--just so you know.
    A split squat is like a stationary lunge with the back foot elevated on a bench or some such. Now that I have the loops, my rear foot is in that.
    As for pushups...I laid off of them for a while. Long story. I'll be starting them back soon but from a remedial level. While I was in MA, they rode me a little about how badly my form sucked and cleaned it up a little, the result of which was a serious decrease in my numbers. I'll tame them eventually.

  5. Jen B - I am a big hugger too!! You'll be getting a monster hug whenever I see you (either in Tennessee, Kentucky, Houston, Austin, or somewhere in between -- LOL). I'll have to make a mental note about Anthony...I want to say that I hugged him last time - LOL.

  6. Nia,
    I'll be looking forward to a big Austin hug, and I told Anthony he was just going to have to suck it up. He's gettin' a hug. :)

    Many thanks! Strong work at the RKC!

  7. I believe it is the Germanic and Scandinavian background that abstains from all that casual personal contact. My ancestry is neither, LOL!

    You know how to tell the introverted Norwegian from the extroverted Norwegian? The extrovert will stare at your shoes.