Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fight in the Dog

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tonight's Monday Night Football match-up was Dallas vs. Philadelphia and one helluva game--over 50 points scored in the first half. Though I'm definitely a Titans fan, I think overall I'm more a fan of individual players and their attitudes. Sometimes, their attitude on the field is what wins me over, and sometimes it's their attitude off the field although we all know that most of the time those are pretty close to the same. Tonight, Marion Barber was a force to behold, smashing through opponents like a fat kid through cake. I love to watch this type of determination. He starts the run dedicated, knowing he'll see it through to the end. And often the run ends when he says it does. One can see it in his eyes, his facial expression, the way he moves. He is dedicated to the run, to getting one. more. yard. In a word, it is beautiful.

It's this type of dedication from which we can learn. Start the task knowing you will complete it. Push. Hard. See it through to the end.

6 sets of...
30 sec 12kg Double KB squat
30 sec 12kg Double KB C&P

Then...3 sets of 12kg snatches 10R/10L, 15R/15L, 20R/20L.

This felt MUCH better today. I made it through the first 2 sets of this without stopping then made it through the 10's and then the R sided 15's before putting the bell down briefly. I did the next 15 and the next 20, set the bell down briefly again and then finished up the last one. I'll take it.


  1. looking forward to seeing your determination in MN!

  2. Love the post. Missed the game but I know of what you speak. Football can uncover cowards pretty quickly and Mr. Barber is a stud. This coming from a diehard "Skins fan!