Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meeting Friends

Monday, September 1, 2008: Labor Day
Off-Drove home from Shreveport

The depth and breadth of opportunities provided by the internet never cease to amaze me. What amazes me more than anything about it is how I have made such good friends who I have never met face-to-face. These are folks with whom I thoroughly enjoy corresponding, with whom I look forward to catching up. And even some whose ear I quickly turn to in moments of happiness or despair or utter frustration. Until recently, I had never had the opportunity to meet these people in person. I took the chance this weekend to make it one of those opportunities and drove down to Houston to hang out and work out with Anthony C. for a few days. Sunday we even got to see Nia Kelley when she, her fiance, and her pup Max drove over from Austin to visit with us.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this weekend! Anthony and his wife were wonderfully gracious hosts (especially considering that I pretty much just said, "Hey, I'm on my way to Houston. Waddaya wanna do?") and made me feel right at home--introducing me to real Mexican food and a little chocolate shop that I pretty much decided was a preview to heaven, and sharing some fine conversation over a little wine and beer in what has to be one of the best courtyards in the history of bars. Saturday morning Anthony put me through the ringer with his infamous "W" workout at the park in front of his house. I must share with you that this little (I say this because he readily speaks of his stature as "little") guy is FRIKKIN' STRONG. He is quite self-deprecating in his blog and forum posts, but take my word for it. He is strong. He also has a mental fortitude that is impressive. Sunday Nia drove down to eat brunch with us, and we had a phenomenal time just sitting around. I was pleased that the ease of our friendships online carried over to reality when tested. I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world to be sitting with these great people, having this great conversation, sharing these wonderful moments. And I felt so priviledged.

BTW, Now I have to have a tire like Anthony's. And I have to learn to do box jumps like Anthony. I am a jump retard--much like I am a pushup retard.

Did this after the 8 hour drive home from Shreveport.
Workout 1
6 rounds of
Double 12kg Squats for 30 sec
Double 12 kg C&P for 30 sec
Rest 30 sec

Then 3 rounds of 12kg snatches 10r/10l, 15r/15l, 20r/20l
I did the first 2 rounds back-to-back, no rest anywhere. Then I rested for 1 min and did the third set. I had to set the bell down after the 15/15 set for just a second then again between the 20r and 20l.

In the a.m. before brunch in Houston
8 sets of 2/side 16kg TGU's

8 sets of 1min 16kg snatch R/1min 16kg snatch L/1 min rest

SATURDAY'S WORKOUT: W workout with Anthony C.

FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: Same as today, but rested for a minute b/w each of the 3 sets of snatches.


  1. What a cool opportunity! And you're right -- Anthony C is freakishly strong, both physically and mentally.

  2. God I jealous! I love his posts and love his attitude. I also love your posts and your attitude so it would have been great to be there as well.

    I can't wait until October!

  3. this is all propaganda. im a little bitch. don't believe the hype.. :)

    seriously though, had a great time with these ladies who are real-deal quality people.

    next time you're down here we do pull ups and an all bodyweight circuit!