Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Work 6p-8a, 154#

I've officially had my first wig-out spell regarding the looming RKC courtesy of today's posted pictures from the most recently completed one. I got Dragon Door's mass e-mail when I checked my box about 9pm and promptly clicked the link for the pics. Intellectually understanding that I am going to be the fat kid (yet again) is somehow different from seeing it in full color on the internet. Too, being the fat kid is one thing if you still kick ass in the process, but all of a sudden I'm scared to death that I'm gonna make an ass of myself instead of kicking ass. Knowing that I am going to be performing in a higher weight class than I had intended doesn't help any either. I had a minor meltdown and e-mailed David with a plea that reeked of estrogen, begging reassurance. I hate those moments when I'm an absolute, full-blown puss. I may need to grow a set before I get on that plane. I seem to have lost mine.

So to a realm where I feel more confident...Here are a few of those promised pics from this weekend.

NO WORKOUT today. It was a scheduled off day.


  1. You're going to kick but, take names, and out do most of the men there. You'll leave with their respect and envy.

    I'll own that weekend like a Great Dane owning a toy dog (the kind Paris Hilton carries in her peruse).

    You're in the higher weight class, not because of fat, but because of muscle; and you're just that darn good.

  2. Sorry, the second line should say You'll own that weekend.

    I've had a lot of those kerfuffles this week. Being half a sleep and typing doesn't help. Or maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

  3. im not going to coddle you with shit you don't need to hear. instead i'm going to tell you shut the hell up. get your shit together and go pass the certification. b/c you can. you know you can. i know you can. if mr. whitely thinks you can- you fucking can. he doesn't seem the type to make people feel warm and fuzzy if they don't deserve it.
    get over it. suck it up. get certified. then teach me how to do the bent-press.
    ps: thanks for the package. awesome.

  4. What Anthony said.
    P.S. Great pictures!

  5. 1. Terrific pics! You have a genuine talent!
    2. Fear and doubt can cripple you. You're stronger than that. You'll rock the RKC...I know it.
    3. As a former fat kid, I say sometimes you just gotta have a "f@#& off" attitude.

  6. Many thanks all. All the words I needed to hear.

  7. And remember, I will be there with you, much like Mick was for Rocky.