Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jen the Photojournalist

Friday, March 13, 2008
work 7p-7a

The hubby has been taking a rebreather class of late. My skills aren't advanced enough to participate yet, so I just run around documenting it all. :) He's been diving almost every day since we got here, enjoying every minute of it. Wanting to be a better, more efficient diver has led to a remarkably better diet, and the two are contributing to a steady weight loss. Hopefully, with each dive and each decision to eat a little better I get another few minutes with him when we're old and gray. And, ultimately, that is a large part of what this move was all about.

Today I have been trying to focus on these things because today has been an emotionally difficult day for me. I've been quite homesick. Daddy had to go into the hospital yesterday for even more heart issues, and Mom is doing her best to tolerate the pain of the broken pelvis at home. My siblings in Tennessee are running around taking care of them, and here I am in the warm sunny weather doing my own thing. The guilt runneth over. I keep trying to tell myself that each of my siblings had their time away, their years of spreading their wings and doing their own things. Their turns just happened to come in a time in Mom and Dad's lives when they were healthy. My mom was 42 when I was born. I didn't have that chance. Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself? Grrr.

Checking the counterlungs.Packing the cylinder.
Checking the mix. Took me forever to get used to the babyface!
Gearing up and checking the computer.

First rebreather dive

WORKOUTS: More of the same progression I've been on. I don't remember all the details since I don't have my workout log with me. My big lesson today was doing 15 minutes even though I'd planned for 30. I got up late and instead of saying to hell with it because I couldn't follow the plan, I did what I could. This lesson is an important one.


  1. Did you use 24-70mm on these pictures? Photojournalistic pictures are the best!

  2. didn't notice, closed circuit, or semi-closed?

  3. That would only be the second time I've seen Mark without the beard!
    As far as the guilt goes, I think you've spent quite enough time taking
    care of every one ( my self included). You've earned the down time.

  4. That last picture is gorgeous.

    Don't feel bad by living your life; your parents did that before you were even born. My parents were 21 and 22 when I was born. Big difference there. I was growing up while they were still growing up.

  5. yes, Corinna, that's the 24-70mm. It's still my favorite all-around lens.

    Chris, it's CCR. He's not sure yet if he likes it, but he's enjoying the learning process.

    Ashley, Yeah, it is SO wierd seeing him without the beard. I told him he could use the switch back and forth like a disguise. :) Thanks for the encouraging words. They mean a great deal to me.

    Aaron, That last pic is of Ginnie Springs ( The first time I saw it, my instant thought was that if there is a heaven, that must be what it looks like. It is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Your words about my parents' having lived their lives are very insightful and kind. They are also an echo of what my parents say. Thank you for them.