Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009
Off-160# (Yeah, I know...)

Before I left TN, I took some pics for a dear friend who had just had a baby as part of her gift from me. Truth be told, she did me a favor by letting me monopolize her and her baby for a couple of hours one afternoon. I hope she feels like it was time well-spent.

Double 16kg C&P/Row ladders: 3 4-rung ladders--had to push press the last one of the 4th rung on the last 2 ladders, but I'll take it. They're feeling good.
Double 16 kg Squats for 3 3-rung ladders

5 rounds of 30 sec 16kg snatch R, 30 sec snatch L, 30 sec rest. (Shoulda been five but a buddy came by and cut me short). For the 10,000 swing challenge (which I started a little late to throw into this workout) that puts me at 150 swings for the day.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: I think I'll start calling this "Mr. Calleo."
20kg swing x 20, Sprint 40 yards, 5 burpees, jog 40 yards
20kg swing r x 3, snatch r x 3, repeat on the left, sprint, burpees, jog (repeat x 4)

Run 9 minutes.

I added in those 20kg snatches where there used to be swings b/c now that I've acquired that trick I want to foster it.

5 5-rung ladders of green band assisted pullups alternated with pushups (still my frikkin' arch nemesis)
5 2-rung ladders of assisted pistols.

20kg TGU 1/1 x 5

20kg tabata swing.


  1. Beautiful pics, and your workouts are badass!

  2. Thanks, Mitch on both of the above.

  3. Jennifer, you are an amazing photographer!

  4. Thanks, Marty, it's my therapy.