Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lest You Think Me A Gypsy...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Work 8p-8a--158#
...I'm actually a pirate in training.
The hubby and our buddy TL built this little gem for me today while I was sleeping before work. Since we're living in the RV indefinitely, I didn't have a good place for pullups. Since one of my goals is to be able to do pullups, that put a significant kinker in my plans. All I had to do, though, was ask, and this wonderful setup was granted me. :) One side is for my pullups, the other to dry scuba gear. I didn't try it out today because I wanted the dirt and stuff to settle some, but no worries, I'll be out there soon!

Here's a pic of the hacienda...We've downsized to it fairly effectively. The next step will be downsizing to a sailboat. That will be a little bit more of a challenge, and I've still not figured out the pullup issue there...
WORKOUT: Double 16kg C&P/Bent row--3 4-rung ladders
Double 16kg squat 3 3-rung ladders
30 sec b/w rungs, 2 min b/w ladders.

I had to do push-presses on the last rep of the last two C&P ladders, but I am okay with that. Tension really does make all the difference in this exercise. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, can see measurable results. When I first started working with David Whitley, I had finished the ETK and ROP program about 2 months before. At the time, I had found them very productive but insanely boring. As we were covering my expectations, I mentioned my being bored with those programs. His comment was, "Simple is effective." Like a good young Padawan, I have revisited simplicity and found it more complex than ever.

16kg snatches 30 sec L/30sec R/30 sec rest for 6 rounds.


  1. cross arm on the sail. pull ups on a boat are easy.

    I don't think I could live out of a camper. I wouldn't be comfortable with it after a while. the pull up bar is cool though.

  2. Yeah, if you had told me I'd ever be living in a camper, I'd have told you that you were smoking crack. I guess we never know. Right now, it's the wise thing to do in that if I decide living down here/working down here isn't for me/us, we just pull up and go--no house to sale or lease to finish out.It's actually a very comfortable camper, becoming accustomed to the limited manueverability is the key.

  3. Hey sister, I'm happy to hear that you are getting settled in. My home e-mail is That is the best way to drop me a line, cuz I need your e-mail again. Jeff has got to be one of the nicest humans I've met in quite some time.

  4. Your pullup bar is cool, but consider a TRX suspension system if you want/need to be able to do pullups or rows anywhere.

    Have you read the "A is for Alibi" series of books? The protagonist is only comfortable in small spaces. She'd love your trailer. While it DOES make sense to live there while you decide where to settle, perhaps splurging for a hotel room for a weekend, maybe once a quarter, would be a good thing? Just a thought.

    Finally, you're right -- simple IS wonderful. Thanks for the reminder. I can now C&P the 12kg kb with relative ease. I haven't tried the 16 kg yet. Looks like I may have a new challenge in my future, thanks to you!

  5. Nice hacienda :) Ah, a sailboat or even a houseboat would be nice too! Thanks for your comment back in my post. As for the lens, it's actually the 15mm fisheye lens that I'm using with my "wide angle" pictures :) Thanks again! PS - are you Canon or Nikon?

  6. Whitley is right. It works.

    But you are right, too. It's boring.

    Nice digs. Are you two going "simple" on purpose, or do you have a plan to own an actual house with a foundation at some time in the future. Not that it matters; I'm just curious.

  7. Yeah, we're sizing down to work our way into a sailboat in the next few years. No plans as it stands for moving to a permanent abode.